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Sex is very important. From a simple possibility to continue the generation it has become a narcotic for many men and women. The process it'self means much more that the final result. It is a relaxation for us, sensual pleasure, a way of communication between partners, the way of self-affirmation, maintenance of the ritual and habit. It helps us feeling good with our bodies and happy with our minds. Many of people in UA undervalue the meaning of intimacy in their lives. Someone think of it like something dirty because education in many countries shows it in negative ways that grows up diffident and with many hang-ups youth. The right approach to this topic helps people to avoid many mistakes they make when young. But still many of the grown ups are not self-confident in what they do in sex. Having many problems in this very important part of life makes them behave like these problems are not as important as job for example, or children, or family it'self. But they don't realize that it is the part of life that influences all these parts. We can not live without it, and the lack of it influences the job, the children and the family.

Intim in UA is wonderful and many-sided and we've been trying to comprehend each of the sides. There is always something new and worth-wile knowing. Here at this page our girls will try to describe situations as they see them. There is a lot to discuss about it and they will try to do it. Though the Ukraine girls are now professional journalists but rich experience in escorting will be the best help in reporting. Each of the articles will have a personal sight and will raise a certain problem. We hope these articles and women's view will be helpful in understanding ladies. They will help you to make your life new and various, find new ways of pleasure and discover more about how to satisfy your girl. Here we will describe you several levers with the help of which you can manage your wishes. But intim is not just technics. Also women's psychology is involved a lot into this process. Women feel men through many sensual gestures and care. And believe us or not, good intim begins when you both are dressed. So please take a look at our related items. We will be adding new articles about intim so very soon you will know just everything about women!


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