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We're happy you got into this part of our website. Here we want to get you acquainted with Ukraine - an amazing country situated on the coasts of two seas and with two magnificent mountains. This country has always been a one which was talked about. Long and very touching history of Ukraine can easily prove this. Our country has survived lots of wars and terrible times of conquers and nationals revolutions. But still nation was strengthen thanks to this events. Ukrainians are one of the most hospitable nations. People of our country are very generous and they adore various celebrations. The customs and traditions in our country is very numerous and exquisite. They rake their roots back in seventh century - can you imagine what a great historical value they have?!

Tourism is one of the industries that is actively developed in the last years. We try to improve out guest service, to increase the level of hospitability and to make sure that foreigners in our country feel themselves comfortable and conveniently! It's a hard work to do but Ukrainian try their best to give the tourists the lifelong happy memories and exciting ambitions and emotions and to make them want to return to UA again and again!

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