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Ukraine girls names most widely spread

Ukrainian ladies are not only extremely beautiful, but also very clever and well behaved. They have pretty names, too. First of all because Ukrainian language is very beautiful it'self. And that is how the girls' names in Ukrainian sound very pretty and nice.
Among all the names that are available for Ukrainians, almost 30 are chosen annually to be the most beautiful and most often used by parents to name their newborn future ladies. As we know the most popular girls among Escort Ukraine are Anastasia, Anna, Kateryna, Yelyzaveta and Sophia. These are the most widely used.

Of course not all the names that are used in the modern country have the Ukrainian origin. And moreover the names that grownups have right now , I mean our escort Kiev ladies, are less foreign than the modern ones. It's because of the lack of information in the previous Soviet Union. At those times people were limited with the open access to foreign data and in particular they didn't know the popular foreign names.

The statistics shows that 20% of Ukraine girls names are foreign. Sometimes it's a pity because parents prefer using foreign analogs for existing Ukrainian names. As our country becomes home for numerous national minorities, very often Ukraine girls names are of eastern origin.

However in 2000 the new trend was noticed: more and more names of archaic origin appeared among our escort ladies. These names are very sophisticated and exquisite that's why people often mane their baby girls like that or grown up females change their names for a more beautiful one.

The statistics also says that there is a percentage of Ukraine girls with biblical names. For instance the name of the first woman on the earth - Eva is widely spread. Maybe this way the kids are blessed for good and happy life.

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