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Are all the photos of KEC ladies real?
All the photos are 100% real. You can make your choice and meet the one you saw on the picture. Before putting on the website photos are retouched, but we try to do this minimally.

Is it possible to arrange a meeting abroad?
Yes. You can see our offer here

Where the meetings are held?
You can invite a lady to your place or meet in private in our apartments. We offer apartments for the meetings like that. During the meeting there are only you and Escort Club model in the apartment.

When to call in advance before the meeting?
It is advisable to make an order 1.5-2 hours before the meeting. Take the traffic and the rush hour into consideration. After 9 pm model can come faster. At time 1 hour is enough.

Till what time do ladies work?
A manager receive calls from 10-30 am to 11-30 pm. A girl can stay with you round the clock. But the meeting should be started not later than the midnight.

Is it possible to talk to the model you liked on the phone?
No, it is not possible. A manager received all of your calls and will accept an order. You can communicate only during the private meeting.

Can I ask a girl to give her phone number or email during our meeting?
No, it is not possible. It is forbidden for clients and ladies to exchange their phone numbers and other contact information. In case a client is insistent and demands a girl to give her phone number - we will put him in a blacklist. Models that give their phone numbers will be penalized. Do not put yourself and her in an awkward position. And before asking for a phone number, think about the way you will treat your employee who works with your clients secretly. Let's respect each other!

Do you check your girls?
All models, working with us, are checked beforehand. You can invite them to your house and there is no need to worry that something will happen or something disappear from your apartment. In case a manager is not notified about the fact that prostitute stays with you for longer - we are not responsible for anything. That's why you must call us and inform that you want to extend the meeting.

Are there any discounts?
Yes and one more time yes! As opposed to many other escort agencies, we always can offer discounts. Our regular client can count on discounts, you should only ask a manager about it when calling on the phone.

Where the apartments for rent are located and what are the prices?
All the apartments are situated in the center and other districts of Kiev. Get more accurate information about the availability of apartments and prices from our manager when you make an order.

Do I need to produce the documents to rent an apartment?
No, you do not need to produce the documents.

To whom do I pay for the apartment?
You pay a model personally for the apartment and services in the beginning of the meeting.

From which moment does the countdown begin?
From the moment you've met a model.

When I come to the apartment, is a girl already waiting for me there?
Yes, she is waiting for you there alone. There are no other ladies or company employees in apartment.

Can I prolong my meeting with a girl?
Yes, of course. But you need to call and inform a manager about it. If there are no reservations, you meeting goes on.

What do I need to do if I do not like the model who came?
You need to call a manager and tell about it. We will talk to her and explain that she needs to leave. So you will not feel uncomfortable. In this case, you will only need to pay for the taxi both ways.

Do I need to pay for the taxi?
It's a client's decision whether to pay for it or not.

Can I invite a lady in my hotel room?
Yes, you can. We are well received at almost all the Kiev hotels. But you should pay attention to the fact that in some hotels your visitor cannot go upstairs without you, because the lifts and the entrance on the floor are possible to use only through the cards. In this case, you will need to meet her in the hall or near the hotel entrance, or you can agree this with the guards, so that they will lead her to your hotel room. Besides, the hotel guards often ask for 10-20$ from the clients and courtesans for the meeting like that.

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