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Ukraine currency

As you all know Slavic women are known to be the most beautiful women in the world. Men from around the globe come to Ukraine just to have sex with those amazing escort Kiev and to spend their leisure time enjoying the perfect bodies of these ladies.

That's why lots of men are interested in our country. what's it like? What are people like? What about the rules of this country?

If you come to Ukraine you definitely have to know several things about it's currency. We have grivna here. It's our national currency and the use of it is widely spread around the entire country.

Hryvnia has been used in Ukraine since 1996. This happened when Ukraina was called independent from the previous soviet union. Before that the name of the currency was just called the ruble - the same as in the entire union.  One hryvnia is divided into 100 kopiyok. The history of our currency is very ancient. It takes it's roots from the very old country called Kyiv Rus. At those times hryvnia was also used to pay for all the goods and stuff in the country.

But if you have Euros or dollars you should worry. Hrivna is easily convertible into other currencies. You can go to any bank or there are lots of places right on the street where you can exchange your currency into grivnas. This procedure is completely legal. After the transaction is made you get an official cheque and you are free to spend your money as you like.

If you plan to take your escort Kiev to a night club you shouldn't worry about the currency. You can pay for the cocktails at the club with dollars. You just say a barman that you've got dollars. Maybe he'll also exchange those to grivnas.

In the cafes however you won't be able to pay for the stuff you order with euros or any other foreign currency. In this case you'll have to exchange the money you've got into our national money, the ways to do that are already described above.


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