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Ukraine visa information

Coming to Ukraine to meet Kiev escort has always been much simpler than you can imagine. Of course it's not as problematic as for instance coming to Europe. You need lots of documents, allowances and you have to spend a lot of time waiting in the queues to get your visa finally done. And what is important - many people can't get to the Europe because of the problems they have ever had with those countries. Or if some of their relatives were noticed as problematic.

With Ukraine everything is different. Ukraine visa is not required for citizens of many countries. If people from some countries come to Ukraine for the term from 90 to 180 they only need their passport to enter the country.

These countries are USA, Canada, Iceland, Monaco, Andorra etc. but note that citizens from Australia and New Zealand still need to obtain Ukraine visa to enter our country. And it doesn't matter for what period they are going to come.

Citizens from the countries noted above can live in Ukraine for almost 90 days and they don't have to get into the mess with a visa obtainment. But of course if a person wants to stay in our country for a longer period, he or she has to gather the documents and try to get a visa.

When a person enters or leaves Ukraine her or his passport is looked over attentively and scanned in order to see how many days you've spent in Ukraine during the previous 180 days. But always remember that 180 days isn't 6 months sharply, so you have to be attentive with this. If you came to Ukraine on a plane and you want to enter the country, this number is very important. Because if you've spend more than 90 days in a country during the previous 180 days, you can be refused to obtain the visa.

However if you are trying to pass a boarder using a land transport and this takes place near Lviv, this number won't be paid that much attention.

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