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My visit to Kiev O'bryan's pub

I really need to tell you a story about Kyiv prostitute models. It's not my own experience but of mu client so be attentive
 It was my first journey to Kiev. After two long months of little female company I thought that I definitely wanted to have a date and sex. My close friends were so nice that they have arranged several blind dates for me. But frankly speaking at that time I was not really prepared for deep emotions. I simply wanted to have some sex in Kiev to relax.

So, I wanted to visit club or bat and have some fun. Of course I hooped that I will be able to meet there some beautiful girl. I went to Kiev O'bryan's pub because that I have heard about it from my local friends. Ads there I met her She was a raven hared lady with the deep green eyes and full lips. Her soft accent made her really amazing. Her eyes looked straight into the soul and when she concentrated she licked her lips which was very sexy. She was stunning and radiant in long black dress and no bra.

It appeared that it was not so difficult to meet her. This female was extremely polite and her good manners were a great bonus to her beauty.

Anna, this was her name was an escort lady. It was the best date in my life. We talked a lot. And I was really surprised how intelligent she was. But her sexual skills were really astonishing. When we were still at the pub she took her shoe off and slid slowly up the inside of my thigh. I opened legs more and she started doing some very pleasant stuff. I kept looking around the pub to make sure nobody else had seen what busty courtesan was doing.

A little later I took a room in the hotel. She came few minutes later in her car. That night was astonishing. Her ideas as to different positions were brilliant. I never wanted that special night to end. I will definitely never forget that escort girl who I have met in O'bryan's pub.

That was my first date with escort girl and I never had any slightest complaints!

Lesia from Kiev O'bryan's pub

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