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Some advices about male vibrators extracted from Kiev nightlife reviews

Men usually have no idea how to use vibrators when they have to use them without Kiev escorts. So, in this article I will teach you how to use vibrator for your man. First of all give him some time to get used to this thought. Then take vibrator and try to move it very slowly all over his body. This is a sort of introduction.
Then try to have some experiments with different levels of pressure. For example you may put the fuck toy on perineum and use deep pressure to stimulate prostate. Enough pressure may allow a man to have an orgasm without any moving of the fuck toy.

You may also use vibrators for anal stimulation. The best vibrators are made of silicone or other soft materials. And never forget to use water based lubricant during your sex games.

Did you know that anus is very rich with nerve endings? It responds greatly for the stimulation. You should start slowly and move from the inside out. Start with a little pressure. Roll the vibrator over this area and explore the sensations trying different pressure. After your man will get used to this vibrator he will fell it extremely pleasant.

Remember anal penetration presupposes to have a lot of lubricant. Also you are going to need silence and patience to make everything gently and pleasantly. Never force vibrator inside the body. Leave the tip of opening anus and let the vibrator slowly get in when the man is ready. If you enjoy your sex toy for a long time you may need more lubricant.

According to Kiev nightlife reviews some toys are better in prostate massage that other vibrators. They are not large and have gentle curve. You may like even the feeling of vibrator movements when it is not turned on. Others enjoy the vibrations. Always use lubricants and vibrators that are totally safe for anal penetration.

Find a place on your body that feels good during the vibration and leave there a toy for couple minutes. You may be very surprised by the results and the reaction of your body.


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