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My experience of talking dirty with Buddha Bar Kiev girls

Have you ever tried to talk dirty to someone you love? If not, I am suggesting you some tips that will help you to feel comfortable with dirty conversations.

Be prepared that learning to talk dirty will take some time from you. You can not just start talking dirty without any special preparation. It might go wrong and you may become disappointed though such talks are very useful and funny.

If you wanna talk dirty you have to remain yourself. Don't try to copy some actress from the movie. You should make a list of aspects of your personality that you can use for future inspiration. Or of course you may copy Buddha Bar Kiev girls.

Evolve you dirty talk voice. It may be whispers, rhythmic grunts or high pitched squeals. It is up to you. It might be like the way you usually talk or be totally different. You don't have to evolve only one voice. The element f surprise for your partner will be like a breathe of fresh air.

Make a vocabulary for your dirty talks. Avoid clinical terms unless you are playing a role. You can do some search, read erotic books, even watch porn. Though there are not very interesting dirty talks.

First practice when you are along. You can even start doing it in you head, that pass to talking dirty while masturbating.

One of the reason why we don't talk dirty is a fear to be silly. You can set some rules if you really want to try. Rules may include: no judgment and no laughing.

For the first time you many say only several words or phrases. Start from telling you partner about your fellings when he is inside you or tell him what you are going to do with him and his penis.

Experiment with your voice, it's speed and loudness. You may sound trembling, commanding, uncertain or harsh like professional Kiev escort girls from Buddha Bar in Kiev.

Make it a dirty dialogue. It will help you to learn a lot about your Buddha Bar partner and it will give you a new perspective on what you are experiencing. The main thing is that you both should like it.

Nastia - girl from Buddha Bar in Kiev.

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