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Meeting at Arena Club that blew my myths about sex toys away!

In this article I would love to speak with you about some myths that I blew off my mind when I was having some rest at Arena club. There I met a charming escort who told me some actual facts about fuck toys from her experience.

The first and very popular myth is that toys should be used only by people who have bad sexual life or by Kiev escorts

But in real life everybody may and use fuck toys. Actually as the Club prostitute said people who have fuck often and who live their sexual life use toys oftener than people who just don't have sexual life at all. And practically all people used toys at least once. Sex toys are just the addition to your happy and pleasant bed life.

The second myth the Arena female told me about was that toys may be addictive. In fact there is nothing addictive in using fuck toys if they are used properly. People may get used to fuck toys and even rely on them a little bit but they always can back to the usual intimacy with partner.

The third myth: if a girl has a fuck toy she does not need a real man. Fuck toys can not replace real men. This myth was evolved by men who think that the most interesting and important about them is what is between their legs. Man should not be so insecure. Vibrators can not give a hug, bring a breakfast in bed or introduce to Arena Club. Besides many couples use fuck toys together and enjoy it.

One more myth from prostitute female: people use fuck toys cause they can't have real fuck. This is one of cliché and it is ridiculous. Many guys who use vibrators have sexual life and they are very happy with their partners. Using sex toys does not mean that you are a loser or unlucky in love. It means that you love yourself and like to feel great in bed.

Another myth: sex toys make fuck not so natural and realistic. Faking orgasm make it less natural. Will the painting be more realistic if we will use not paint but our blood? While using fuck toys you use your imagination not only batteries, so it is absolutely natural and pleasant.

Myth: There are bad and good toys. Some toys may be risky, but there is no such definition as bad or good fuck toy. Everything you like is right for you and everything that does not make you feel good is not just appropriate for you. Sex toys depend on what we are doing with them.

One more myth: The more fuck toy costs the better it has to be. That is nonsense. And cheap vibrator may give you much more pleasure than expensive one. The expensive toys may be made better and of better materials but it does not necessary influence your feelings.

Myth: Fuck toys can be harmful. Toys are safe if you use them properly. You can poke out an eye with can opener and no one tells you to throw it away. Your common sense will tell you what is right and what is safe.

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