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Sex Girls Dating Kiev And Tips For Oral Sex Positions

Do you know the difference between good and bad oral sex positions? Good positions may give you and your man an incredible feelings and bad position may leave you with embarrassment and pain in the neck. Most of us enjoy oral fuck and don't really think of the positions. But the switch of the positions may give you very nice and new sensations.

Today I would love to discuss with you several oral fuck positions.

The first position presupposes that you are standing on your knees. This is a classic pose and not only for fellatio. Kiev escorts girls may enjoy receiving oral fuck in this position as well. Woman just has to be standing while partner will be on his knees.

The advantages of this position is that partners see each other well and they can easily touch each other. Besides, this position does not require a lot of space. But it may be hard to do it on the knees and after this position one of the partners may have pain in the neck.

The second position presupposes that one of the partners will be between the legs. This is a very common and comfortable position. There are many variations of this pose. For example, receiving partner may bend kneed or lift legs up.

The third fuck position is when the partners have right angle approach. The receiving partner should lie on the back and giving partner must position him at the right angle to partner's genitals. This pose changes the way of usual direction of movements from up-down to side-to-side. This stimulation especially for women may be very pleasant. Besides this pose allows the giving partner to reach and genitals and feet or head of the partner.

The next position - face sitting. The receiver may sit under giving partner's face and sometimes lean forward and support own body with hands. This pose reminds children game but it may be very pleasant and nice.

And one more pose - on the edge of seat. It reminds the knees position. But the receiver sit's in the chair with bum towards edge. This pose is easy for the giver who may find the comfortable position for himself. Besides it does not offer same kind of access to the sex girls dating Kiev body.


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