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Entertain yourself in Kiev sauna

Did you know how amazing sex-toys can be? Well I did not until my male friend told me this story

“First of all I should mention that that was my birthday. And my close friends decided to make me a really unforgettable present. They have made an arrangement with Kiev escort agency. And I was supposed to meet this girl not in the hotel or restaurant, but in Kiev sauna.

Wow! That model had long light hair and legs that were long and smooth. Although not very busty, she carried a nice size. Huge attraction was her smooth, long legs. She was also extremely beautiful with high cheekbones, twinkling and sexy grey eyes. To make along story short she was the kind of woman that could drive clients mad with desire.

As many escort Kyiv girls this model adored sex toys. She had an impressive variety of sex toys, and she preferred to use them quite often.

Her favorite sex-toy was a glass long dildo. It was cool, made of the safety glass that warmed up amazingly slowly. When she put it into her wet pussy it remained cold for some time. Of course in our first meeting I did not know all those details. Later she taught me many games with toys. In the first evening we did not use them yet.

This particular evening we had sex several times. After having a glass of wine, she stripped off and allowed my hands to hug her. She lay and spread her legs, showing very well shaven pussy to me. It was tight on the outside, and inside I felt her becoming wet, and she also knew as soon as my penis was pushed into pussy love juice would be prepared to meet it.

I didn't push it all, but preferred just to use the very tip. I enjoyed teasing and playing with her pussy. The escort model lay calm until after some time she began to scream from pleasure when hard penis contacted with girl's bare clit. She started to breathe very hard as the length penetrated her wet snatch, getting in deeper every time, making her wetter. Several minutes later the cute young blonde escort began to moan, so huge was the pleasure.

When we finally came, she even cried out in satisfaction. But in several minutes she was ready for more.”
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Zoya from Kiev sauna "Fortesia"

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