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Kiev leisure with Escorts and Their Faked Orgasms

It is obviously that faked orgasms exist as long as sex does. And it may be funny in the movies but in real life to fake an orgasm is the same as fool the partner.

In this article we will try to understand why do we fake orgasms and is it a common thing.

It is usual thing to think that only females fake orgasms. But is it true? We have no scientific researches but men have also faked orgasms for many years. But only in the recent years this topic draws some attention. So, both women and men fake orgasms.

About twenty percent of women especially Kiev escort girls regularly fake an orgasm. Some other researches give another number - around seventy percent.

But the main question is why people fake orgasms. The reasons for that are to make partner feel better and to end sex faster when women feel tired. Some men can not feel satisfied until they make partner to have an orgasm and sex will continue until girl has or fakes orgasm.

Sometimes men fake the orgasms when they have some problems and instead of fixing those problems they fake their pleasure.

But why can't partners just talk to each other, to tell the truth and ask for something different or some assistance. Why can not they say they are tired? It is very difficult to answer those questions, but obvious is that for good, honest, healthy relations lying to the partner is a crush.

It is not possible always to say you know if your partners fakes an orgasm. Many men can not differentiate the real one from the fake. The best way to be sure is to ask your partner. But where is the guarantee he won't lie to you again?

Researchers have suggested some tips that are obvious during the orgasm but mostly all of them are very individual.

It is very difficult to tell your partner that you have been faking the orgasms. It is hard but your honesty may be rewarded. Besides, you are not the only person who did it. Open conversations about sex during Kiev leisure help partners to get closer to each other.


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