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I would like to thank you for the provided services and to share impressions about time that I spent with one of your girls - it was delightful! We spent fine week together in Truskavets city - Rita was simply matchless - she surpassed all my expectations! She was young, beautiful, attentive and tried to fulfill all my desires.I feel so lucky to find such delightful girl and to pay less than I could imagine. In the future I will surely use your services - where else I will be able to find such a good value for the money? Many thanks to you once again! R.

Regarding the meeting. The flat has only one bath room for fourpeople! The girls: my friend was totally satisfied by Alisa while Dominika is not bad but more professional. The problem was outside . They don't stop to speak each other and always with the cellular telephone. They bring us in an Italian restaurant where the food and the pizza was bad but the drank prosecco and wine. To pay in a restaurant more than 2000Grn is too much. This I tell you not for us that we have not money problem but for your agency. In conclusion the meeting was satisfactory also if something more we expect. Take care pgg. ----  Answer: We accepted your remarks, it will not happen in next meetings. We will prepare girls for long appointments more carefully. Thank you for detailed describing.

Maria was amazing! Very sweet girl even that I was shy and awkward she was very soft and professional. I honestly feel lucky to meet her. Maybe again someday I hope. She is also very a very polite girl, sexy smile, I loved her hair too! Thanks for meeting with me Maria

I was very excited to meet Tina, her pictures on the website are not so accurate because in real life she is such a beautiful girl that you can't see from just pictures, I mean she is very very attractive, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and SO innocent looking but wow she is good! In all ways. We had such a connection when we was together and I think we could both easily forget the world together. She speaks English very well! We were instantly attracted to each other and every moment was one of pure extacy, I already miss her! I wish to keep her forever :) come back Tina!!

I chose Anna because of her slim body, amazing looks and that she looks wild in sex... I was not disappointed on any of those points! I first saw her from a distance away and was shocked how beautyful and sextual she looked, she wore a very sexy summer dress showing her slim sexy legs and then her long dark sexy hair completed her look of sex vixen! I was very impressed (and very excited). She really does have great hair.
She spoke little English but it was not a problem, she was very professional. She is a very talented woman in bed, she knows exactly what to do without me needing to tell her and we did a lot of things together! She did them with true passion and we both really enjoyed each other! A fantastic girl and definitely one of the best at GIA. I will never forget the things we got up to and it was nice to spend time with a girl who is as hungry for wild sex as me.

Vera has just left. she was extremely punctual, right on time. first i was a bit nerveous but she was very charming,funny,cheerful and talkative.simply full of beans. although, i may say, the pictures on your web page are a bit over photoshoped and make up, she was very nice and beatiful. by the way she mentioned that she came with her own car, you already charged me taxi fare. but she deserved it anyway. i enjoyed a lot the time we spent together. i would like to thank you for your good service. many thanks

I can say, your agency is great : girls are really perfect : I mean nice, funny discussion, big smile, smart and ... beautiful - Bogdana was perfect tonight. Thanks - hope call you soon. Regards, Emmanuel.

On 28 Semtemper 2013 Saturday night i met Karoline. First of all I want to thank you and when i read your web site i understood that it is not possible to speak with her. So i would like you to send my message to her that there is no a moment i do not think about her and i will be there in closest time to meet with her. Thank you!ONUR

Thanks to GIA I met a wonderfull girl. TINA is really good. I relaxed and made me feel good. Thanks,Nik

19.10.13 Hi,I booked Kira for two hours today which turned into three. She's a very sweet girl. You can't always tell everything by watching a profile and I'm glad I chose her. Thanks a a lot. She's a good employee. Appreciate her. ;-) Regards, V

Here is my review of my time with Albina. Use it or lose it :) Albina is one strong girl. No doubt aided by her kick boxing and body building. We had a spar; me with my judo and her with her boxing, and I got my arse kicked :p. In my defence I am crap, haha.She provides a typical escort service. Unfortunately for me this rarely satisfies, and didnt even after specifying what I wanted. Most escorts leave a gap between you and them; hold back on the intimacy. If for you, like me, this is important, then look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a fun girl who provides a typical escort sex service, then give her a go. You will not be disappointed. There are a lot of options open to you because of her fitness and strength. Just ask and she may provide :)

I have used your agency many times now and about a month ago I had the first unsatisfactory time with one of your models. I really dislike to leave negative comments about girls (and actually I never have anything bad to say about the other girls I met) but I decided I will try to be constructive. The model I met was Tania. Unfortunately she didn't do anything right at all; your website says "High Class Escort" and "VIP Escort", she came dressed in some old jeans and some basic top, like some street style girl but not even stylish street style (you wouldn't notice her in a public place she looked so boring), smelling of smoke and chewing gum. I would suggest that you talk to her about meet future client in such way, I don't have high demands when I meet girls but she really just didn't care at all about how she looked (other than doing make-up of course). In my opinion she needs to care about her presentation because obviously she doesn't care at all about it.
But that's not all, I'm very active in sex but she didn't engage, she was very lazy (still chewing gum in this moment also!). Maybe this is not something you can change in a person but I feel she is in the wrong job in providing "intimate services" when she has a lack of ability when providing intimacy. And lastly she is listed as having the option of cumshot on body and face; she refused the option of cumshot on face due to "I just did my make-up". I guess I could of insisted but I dislike to talk someone into something they clearly don't want to do but my point is, why list this as an option and then tell me that 'no I don't want that'. I dislike it. She should put options on her profile that she is comfortable with providing. Not lie to get more clients.
I'm very sorry that I have nothing positive to say about this girl. I think you have a good reputation as an agency, if you keep using this model you need to teach her a lot about how to be "normal class escort" first because she is far from "high class escort". If not, such girl will ruin your reputation with every client she meets. That's my option anyway.


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