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Nightlife in Kiev

If you’re looking for fun, outgoing and easy girls in Kiev, there is one possible place you can easily find them in, and it’s most definitely a night club! Sure, you can find a girl literally anywhere, but night clubs in the capital of Ukraine are where the fun, drunk and pretty girls are. It’s a concentration of beautiful ladies who are down for a hookup and some nice time together. If they are not your scene, you can stop reading this article and look for Kiev dating elsewhere, but if you’re into loud music and some cocktails, go on reading to find out how to make the best of night scene! 

Nightclubs in Kiev: why it’s the best place for a hookup 

Free and cheerful atmosphere of a night club is what you’re looking for if you’re into one night stands and hookup culture. If you’re an easy going person and you can talk to strangers anywhere and everywhere, you can find yourself a girl in any other place. But most men find the night clubs the easiest place to meet a girl. Why? 

  • It’s always dark. In the darkness and in neon lights, it’s easy to look your best and just chill out and relax. The vibe is just not as serious as in the harsh light of day, everyone feels more relaxed and the constant darkness makes for a more intimate setting. 
  • Drinks are flowing! Yes, it’s so much easier to get together when both of you are drunk and up to some naughty fun. Also, sending a cocktail to the girl of your liking might be the oldest trick in the book, but what’s so appealing about night clubs is the fact that this trick just seems to work seamlessly all the time. Just don’t get too drunk so you don’t recognize the person you woke up with the next day!
  • Music makes the people come together. Everyone is dancing, and body language makes people feel more intimate with each other instantly. You can just dance next to a beautiful girl, and two minutes later, you’re dancing together and constantly touching each other. Sometimes it’s way better of an ice breaker than a long talk about who you are and what are your goals in life. You can also sing together and maybe you both have a favorite song to sing along to? Terrific way to get closer!  
  • Girls just wanna have fun! Girls are literally coming to night clubs to get drunk and get loose, so the mood is already set and you don’t have to worry about it. 

nightclubs in Kiev

Which one to choose and how to choose? 

If you’ve made up your mind and you want to dedicate next Friday and Saturday nights to letting loose and living your best life in Kiev night scene in search of beautiful Ukrainian girls, just choose the best place for yourself! If you’re from abroad, don’t worry: in most of the clubs, personnel know English so you can speak English freely. Just find out the vibe that suits you the most and go with the flow! 

The top 3 places to party at in Kiev are Khvylyovyi, Closer and also Hangover. Those are places for younger crowd, but the girls are terrific, the music is fun, the drinks are great and the atmosphere is just what you’re looking for (Closer is considered a place to find your next fuck buddy among citizens of Kiev). Dancing on the bars and tables, fun songs to sing along to, great cocktail cards – everything you need in one place. But be careful: Hangover is the club famous for its’ face control, so ditch the casual attire and put on something stylish if you want to dance to 00’s tunes in this club. Plus, you don’t want to look bad when you’re meeting the girl of your hottest dreams? 

Queens Night Club is also very popular among girls, but beware the gold diggers – there are PLENTY of them there. 

If you’re into live music, there are some places you can go to, but the best one is definitely Platforma Art Zavod. It’s more of a hipster outdoor scene, but still you can get a nice performance and new contacts in your phone book there. Carribean Club also makes for a good live music spot, but the crowd is much simpler there, a lot of students mixed up with older crowd who are there just to listen to the music. 

As for beach clubs in Kiev, they are definitely not as good and crazy as ones in Odessa, but Bora Bora seems to be very popular among visitors. Olmeca Plage is also known for good parties and great alcohol. 

Cons of nightlife in Kiev

Of course, there are some cons to night clubs in Kiev, so be attentive to avoid these when you’re looking for the next best night of your life! 

  • Be mindful of the check. Don’t get too inebriated that you literally can’t see what’s written on the check. It’s not a common practice, but still sometimes it happens that the personnel can write a lot of things you didn’t even order. 
  • Don’t take a lot of things with you when you’re going out. Don’t forget: in every capital, there’s as plenty of thieves as there are beautiful women. 
  • If you’re looking for a hookup, don’t forget about protection. NEVER have unprotected sex with someone you don’t know, if you want a clean checked girl, escort agency is the place to go, not a night club. 
  • Keep out from buying drugs in clubs of Kiev. Just don’t do that. 

And don’t forget to have a lovely night and enjoy yourself! 

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