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The Best Way To Meet Girls in Kyiv

First time to Kiev and you don’t know what to do with your newest obsession with beauties surrounding you? That’s not surprising. Considering how beautiful the women in Kiev are, we’d be surprised if you weren’t actually obsessed with them. 
Local women are everything. They’re hot, they’re always looking like they’re ready to hit the red carpet somewhere in Cannes, always dressed in the way that’s the most complimentary to their bodies. And they’re down to Earth too. If you’re visiting Ukraine after western parts of Europe or USA, you’ll be surprised with how down to Earth they are. Kiev is nothing like the Red States and Ukraine is getting more progressive by the day, but women here are still DTF, they’re still open to men complimenting them and getting them presents. 
It’s a fact, you know. It’s easy to get down and dirty with hot Ukrainian girls. Way, way easier than it is to get someone to go to your place after just one date from Tinder. Progressive, but not too progressive – that’s the key that hits the sweet spot for each man who likes spending time with hotties. 

If you’re from abroad and this is your first time in Kiev – don’t you worry. We know that Ukrainian beauties are not only hot, but also elusive, and that’s why we’ve made a dating guide for all men that are thinking about how to make it in a complicated world of Kiev dating. 

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Finding girls online: is it worth it? 

After Tinder Swindler came out, life became much harder for men on online dating sites around the world. Girls got wary and scared of being conned, and even if you’re a 10 as a guy, it could be harder for you to turn those matches into real dates. 

But you can still find girls online. In Kiev it’s best not to waste your time on forums and telegram groups, even though you can join some and start conversations there. Tinder and other dating sites still work better and require less of your time to actually find some ladies to spend a night out in city center with. 

On dating sites and apps, keep a nice friendly profile: this will help. And another valid and important point to remember about: keep out and away from too beautiful girls on Tinder and other dating apps. Most of the time, their accounts are completely fake and made by using pictures of insta-models. Your time is worth safeguarding and if you don’t want to be conned, keep closer to girls who look like the girls next door. They are fun too, and if you want insta-model level looking girls, it’s safer to look for them in escort agencies where you can just pay for their time. 

Another great thing to note that if you’re using Tinder and location-based apps, it’s better to use them when you’re in city center. It’s easier to find girls when your location is central. If your apartment or hotel is located in one of smaller Kiev neighborhoods, chances are you’ll find more authentic girls and less fake profiles, but you won’t meet as much beautiful girls who hang around the city center most of the time. Keep it efficient, go get some lunch in a beautiful central restaurant and swipe there! 

Gold diggers in Kiev: truth or a legend? 

Actually, the last point in our guide leads well to the topic of gold diggers in Kiev. Eastern Europe is still poorer than Western, sometimes a lot poorer, and beautiful women want to make it through this life and live with style. So yes, definitely, a lot of girls in Ukraine are looking for someone to solve their financial troubles through dating.

How to stay away from those girls? By, once again, preferring more “real” looking girls to “insta” looking ones. And stay away from the golden places of Kiev elite. Most likely they are occupied with gold diggers who are only looking for your wallet as the main source of their income. 

But dating Ukrainian girl can be fun even with the sugar baby dynamic going on, so if it’s your thing, no shame in your game: by all means, go to the most expensive places and you won’t have a problem finding someone for you in a heartbeat. For example, Kiev restaurant called “Queens” is known to be filled with elite looking ladies searching for their latest sugar daddy. 

Entertainment centers: where to go? 

You can keep it oldstyle and look for girls in real life and real time. A treat or a compliment still work here in Ukraine, and if you’re old-fashioned and you like meeting girls while being physically present in the moment, Kiev will be a treat for you, because courting a woman doesn’t count as a non-feminist harassment here. But be patient and be careful: you should always keep it calm and respectful so you don’t get treated like an actual harasser. 

The best places to look for the girls, especially younger girls from Kiev, are clubs like Hangover or Closer. Drunk parties may not be your thing, but they do work – especially for one night stands and no strings attached types of relationships. If you’re into something more serious, look for respectable elite restaurants, not hookah or party type places. 

Getting a Ukrainian date to escort you to a party

If you’re only looking for a beautiful lady to escort you to a party or a meeting, not looking to meet girls in Kiev for actual relationships, your best option is, once again, paid meetings through escort agencies. This way, you’ll save time and get what you’re looking for in a timely manner. Our agency might have just what you need for this!

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