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GiA sponsored a great erotic photo exhibition in Lviv

  You love watching erotic photos and find yourself able to spend countless hours watching bodies of beautiful girls pictured in even more beautiful ways? Well, then you are going to feel sorry when you find out what you missed not so long ago. And it was Lviv Erotic Photo Exhibition. Of course we couldn't stand apart - we were sponsoring this happening, and GIA is very proud to contribute to this exhibition. It was celebration of beauty and sexuality - and we took part in such celebration! Of course our females wanted to show their photos to the public, so we chose the most beautiful ones to make them a part of exhibition. We didn't do it because our agency and Kiev hotels were sponsors of such party - no, GiA pictures were chosen on common rules and they were really deserved to be called the best photographies on such Lviv sex exposition.

  So, when agency members and females, that work to fulfill men's desires appeared to the exposition, everyone noticed. Also men seemed to pay attention to the pictures with our girls - they were extremely wonderful, so no wonder men hanged around them a lot. But most of the attention was given to other exhibit, Ukrainian most famous top-model, who were completely naked on photography. No wonder it was popular - the lady was absolutely stunning. But on the other hand we knew about ours ladies are not worse than this girl - so we really wanted them to feel special. And the opportunity to make it happen came without a knock.

  The organization people of exposition announced a contest for three best pictures . Each guest of party could have a special valentine card to write the number of the photo he or she liked the most. We weren't waiting for the first place at all - it was quite predictable that the model female will have it and she's not gonna share at all. But the situation with second and third places wasn't clear enough - none knew who would take them, so we waited for one of them to belong to ladies from agency. And You never know what happened next.

  After each of guests submit his or her vote to a special box, they were announced to the public. And suddenly, a miracle happen - a miracle of beauty and sexuality. GiA courtesan won the contest, and one of others took the third place! We were surprised for the known top model to be left aside by GiA female, but it just proves, that ladies from agency are really the best in everything - especially in their looks.

bodies of beautiful girls

  This exhibition will definitely be not the last one.


Ну да... так если разобраться, то работа шикарная для девочек. За получение удовольствия получить такие большие деньги. Все говорят, что эта работа для проституток, хотя если хорошо подумать, то сейчас почти каждая вторая красивая девушка "проститутка", потому что дают всем налево и направо... А тут есть смысл использовать это во благо мужчинам, да еще и получать достойную оплату, как я понимаю))

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