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What to do without orgasm?

1. Never represent orgasm. Even for the sake of the high purposes. Believe, to show the love to the person it is possible and without rough scenes. If it, of course, really love, instead of theatrical representation or examination which you hand over in bed. If he actually loves you, and you it with understanding will concern your weariness or absence of desire, to your time coldness connected with the beginning or the end of a cycle. At whom as. You should know, that your sexual desires are closely connected with recurrence of development of your organism. Also concerns it easy. First of all, you not Kiev escort girl. Also learn to it of the partner.

2. Try to be opened and frank as the child. Be not afraid to tell about the true sensations. Only do it delicately and with love. What for to follow a bad example unduly liberated worthless little girls if it is not inherent in you. You can the words, softly tell about the most intimate moments of your rapprochement. If language has absolutely stuck to a throat for excitement and fear, do not despair. You have a possibility to show to it, that it is pleasant to you or it is not pleasant absence of reaction to it's actions or it's presence. React somehow. Do with it that would be desirable for you that it did with you. Here will see, he will understand. Tenderly discharge it or on the contrary approach. It is possible to do it absolutely without words, being expressed only in movement.

3. Concentrate on the affinity moment. Forget about problems and reticences. All the same you do not solve them in bed. And can be, solve, only it is perfect in another way. Do not think of how you look, do not think of consequences, do not build plans for the future. Live to the full extent this unique moment of affinity, here and now. Investigate each other. Not only that it is pleasant. It gives the chance to you to feel other person, to like to it trust, to learn it and to open it'self. To feel the safety, it is necessary to know all features each other. And it is infinite process.

4. Reconcile that for the first time very much at rare pairs harmony achievement turns out. Even if heat level reads off scale is yet a guarantee simultaneous orgasm and orgasm in general. For the first time at you in general anything it can not turn out. And subsequently you will understand, that mutual pleasure the friend the friend is some kind of a science which it is possible to comprehend all life. There would be only a desire. The same who is aimed at fast and easy result as quickly evaporates in space when on horizon as soon as any complications will loom. But you after all do not want it. Close relations are necessary to you long and really. So where you hasten?

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