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History of my best orgasm

Greetings, I wish to tell you history of my best orgasm. It happens one month ago. I work in Gia escort agency. The chief of my department young beautiful guy Marat. Marat is the son of the owner of office. I admired of Marat. He is high, suntanned, smells as good cologne. Marat was rough with me. He was rude, abused me for any trifle. As a result, I do not love Marat, I can not simply rub. But I am him secretary also should rub cavils. Once I have come into it's office and have put papers on a table. Has unexpectedly come Marat. The key has clicked in the lock.

I have shuddered. Marat looked at my breast. His eyes burnt passion. I have felt, that my pussy became wet. Marat has clasped me for a waist and has put on a table. He rumpled my breast as the huge pussy, caressed dummies language, sucked as the baby which wants some milk. I have fallen in a soft cloud of oblivion. He has taken off from my pants and has started to lick my pussy. My small clit burnt, as a small cherry. I was blissfully happy. He has got the huge trunk and has inserted to me. He moved quickly and snuffled as an animal. It's balls fought about my bosom. Shaking orgasm has shaken our bodies. We shouted and were not afraid, that someone will hear us. Now I know why Marat offended me. He wanted me. Sexual excitation has made him malicious.



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