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Kira's story

My name is Kira. I am Ukraine escort model. It was in 2005...

Suddenly you push me to a high table on kitchen, lift up to me a skirt, pick up and set opposite to yourself, having moved apart my legs - I lift knees above that it was convenient you, and you stick to me, to my such wet and warm cat, moving apart as it is possible more widely in the parties my sponges, I with pleasure will help you with it, the more widely - the more painfully, but it not that pain from which it would be desirable to run or hide, it is sweet, so is sweet - that I start to groan in your hands, my hips shudder, and you thus nestle all more strongly and more strongly to me, I feel how mine clit appears is clamped between your person and mine pussy, it after all needs it...

I start to move it'self to you towards, to hit, squeeze into you, then I take your hand in the and exactingly I direct your such strong fingers to myself. . But it is not necessary too deeply - simply insert to me two fingers, you can even bend at first them is that they casually have not scratched me, such mollycoddle, insert superficially and move apart them in me as it is possible more widely - you at all do not represent to yourself, than it threatens you... Sweet mine! Still! Be not afraid, move apart more widely, after all you will not tear the girl, you very gentle boy, and I completely trust you... And I will help you the finger, I will press inflated clit and to iron it... If you would like most simply turn the hand in me on 180 degrees - and then your big finger will appear just opposite to the treasured purpose, now I all in your hands, my pleasure... Give, give, my good! Give to me is sweet to terminate, I will expire to you in a palm, such juicy Kiev escort girl... 



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