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The honor code for men

That sex was successful, and the woman has received a sheer pleasure from affinity, the man should adhere to some rules which are man's «the honor code». Kiev escort girls can have orgasm too. But you must know some rules.

  1. The most important rule - the man should not achieve affinity from the woman if she does not want it. The man, various methods and means insisting on the, bears responsibility for the acts.
  2. To be ready to sex, the prelude lasting not less of 10-15 minutes is necessary for the majority of women.
  3. If after the spent preliminary caresses the man did not manage to excite the woman, it is guilty of it not only the woman. In case of failure the woman has the right will disagree on sex.
  4. If at the woman low emotional level to be excited, all measures are good. The man should not hesitate to caress female genitals, including in the oral way.
  5. The man should do the utmost that the woman has tested orgasm.
  6. The man should try to postpone approach of the orgasm until the woman either will not test orgasm, or will inform that she cannot test orgasm during the given affinity.
  7. If the man nevertheless could not be slowed down, it all the same should provide to it's woman orgasm. To make it it is possible in the different ways.
  8. Unlike men, female excitation to last longer. After the termination of the intercourse to the woman caresses and gentle words are required, the man should take care of it.
  9. The woman needs to provide possibility to change clothes so that even the beloved did not observe of it. So women are arranged.
  10. During sex the man should not insist on the intimate preferences - all should be based only on a mutual consent.

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