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About country in the Eastern Europe

Welcome to the Kiev, the capital of the most underrated country in the Eastern Europe! If you're here for so-called one day trip, you're probably afraid of missing everything. But don't be frightened!

With this guide you'll surely see the greatest points of interest. So what should you start with? So, if you travel to visit only the must-see places, then you definitely know some of them in Kiew. Luckily, points of interest and historical places are situated close to each other, so you don't have to take large trips from one place to the other. First come to the subway. You'll surely want to see the deepest underground station in the world - Arsenal'na.

When you get out from the station, you can easily get to Lavra and see the memorials of World War II and Holodomor. Lavra is situated nearby too - and this is the place you DO NOT want to miss, believe us. Visiting Lavra can take long of your time, so be sure you're not buying excursions on your one-day trip. Save the beauty of the Lavra caves to the next time, when you can stay much longer.

But don't miss the chance to walk through the territory of Lavra - some people say that this is the place where you can feel the spirit of anxiety. Using subway you can also get to the center of Kiev, where you are able to find all the other “wonders” of the city. Like Khreschatyk - the main city center street, which is famous by it's' beauty. But don't hurry - you can leave Khreschatyk to the end of the day, later you'll find out why. The most beautiful place in Kiev - Andriyivskyy Descent - is now in ruins for it has been reconstructed, but that's a place no tourist wants to miss.


Natives of capital say that the soul of the city lies there, in the narrow and beautiful street. You can also find the museum of Mikhail Bulgakov there - if you're a book lover and read “The Master and Margarita” thousand times, it is the place where you can find some interesting excursions. They long for 40-50 minutes, so it won't take long in your one day trip. Also you can visit Mariinsky Park, European Square, ride the funicular, and, of course, come to the coasts of Dnipro, the beautiful river that's crossing the Ukrainian capital.

It will be the start of the most beautiful evening - and you can bring it on in one of the pubs or restaurants on Khreschatyk. Also you can invite pretty Kiev escort girls with you :)

Ukrainian capital

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