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Reviews about GiA escort - 2010

I am now trying to summarize my meeting with wonderful IRA. She left my apartment one hour ago, and I am still shaking..... She is the most perfect companion, sweet, fun, cute,  sexy like hell. I wish her the best in life, she is a very special person. And you guys, treat her like a lady! If you are rude to her I kick your butt!!!!! MR P

Half an hour with a girl? Will Gia deteriorate  to an ugly brothel? Only in at least two hours one can get personally acquainted with one of your beautiful and lovely girls.
Yours, U. No answer, please. In October I will call you for some of Gia's girls.

I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU once again, for taking such good care of me on my trip to Kiev. As always, your services were excellent, and I was very grateful for everything. I'll be sure to contact you before I return to Kiev in August, to arrange for another tour :) Jeffrey.

I have had the pleasure of visiting your lovely city twice in the past year and while there was able to take advantage of your services. I cannot praise you and your girls enough. You were always very helpful, friendly and professional on the phone. You always called back when you said you would and the girls always arrived on time. The whole experience with you and your girls was very pleasurable. I very much look forward to working with you again on future trips. The girls I met were fabulous. I had the privilege of meeting with three of them Sonia, Natasha and Dasha. SONIA was an absolute doll. She did not speak any English, but gave me the true GFE experience from word one until the cab picked her up. She is extremely lovely with a pixie like body to die for. Her long black hair, full soft lips and deep blue eyes are heavenly and I cannot wait to meet with her again. NATASHA was wild and wonderful. She was very sensual and sweet. Somehow we managed to move the bed a foot from the wall with our antics and probably gave the neighbors an earful, but it was delightful.DASHA was unbelievable! When I opened the door and saw this tall, lanky goddess standing there, all I could say was, “Wow!” She smiled and came in and everything went uphill from there. She is a delightful conversationalist and is conversant on every topic. We had a wonderful time. She is so passionate, happy and sexy she makes you forget completely that it is a service. She makes you believe she loves what she is doing and she enjoys every position and experience and enters into them with great gusto and vigor. She is very beautiful, has a drop dead gorgeous body and is so deliriously happy to please you that being with her is like being in heaven. If all of your other girls are as sexy and pleasant as the ones I have met, then you have a top notch group of girls to offer and a man would be a fool not to take advantage of your wonderful service. I know that it will always be the highlight of my visit's to Kiev. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there!! I cannot praise your service enough! Paul M.

I am curious as to how to post a review on girl Dasha. DASHA is the most lovely, sexy, intelligent and charming woman I have ever met. Our time together was simply out of this world. I have never had a session with a more wonderful and charming woman. In fact with any woman anywhere. An hour with her is great, two are super and three absolutely heavenly. She is simply AMAZING and I hope she will be around until I can visit Kiev again. She is the frosting on your wonderful city's beautiful cake. Thank you and her so much!!! She was with me on Monday. Breathtakingly beautiful, unabashedly pleasing, greatest lover!! If you cannot post this for me, or pass it on to her, please let me know how to do it. Thank you so much. Paul

SASHA has the body of a Super model. She is both hot and cuddly. How can she do that? Her English needs practicing, but she is positive and don't mind trying, She is dynamite in bed, her soft kisses will drive anyone insane. Totally recommended. Really..... If you publish this all people will think it's fake...... But your models have been such a great experience for me. Maybe I got lucky, but the three girls you have sent to me have been GOLD. Your agency is the best in business!!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting JANNA. She is a godess of love, so sweet, so tender so sexy. Her english is spelendid, allthought she often stop to think in a conversation. I wish her fortune in her life, I am stunned by her!!!!!

I am now trying to summarize my meeting with wonderful GiA escort IRA. She left my apartment one hour ago, and I am still shaking..... She is the most perfect companion, sweet, fun, cute,  sexy like hell. I wish her the best in life, she is a very special person. And you guys, treat her like a lady! If you are rude to her I kick your butt!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your company's services!! Everything was perfect, and I really appreciated your attention to every detail. Thank you, once again, for making everything so easy!! I'll be sure to contact you again, when I return to Kiev in June :)J.

I have used your service many times and usually call once or twice on each visit I make to Kiev. I visit your website each time you announce you have a new girl to see if she is someone I am interested in meeting with. I have noticed and I am disappointed that you have started to place a graphic over the explicit pictures covering the ladies most private of part. In the past I enjoyed looking at the entire woman, not having it covered. Do you offer another site that might be a bit more private with more explicit pictures?
Thanks for your e-mail. Now there have become more strict rules over nudity on the Internet and we don't want our resource to be recognized as porn website with nudity which puts a lot of restrictions on viewing it in many countries over the world. That is why we try to avoid nudity. There are special websites for viewing female bodies, but Gia is not among of them.
Thank you for your quick reply. I can understand the stricted rules on the internet, I just wanted to let you know that one of the things that I liked about the GIA site was that they had complete pictures of the girls. I won't say that I will never contact GIA again for their services, I am sure I will. However I will also go to other sites in the future and see what they have to offer, something I rarely did in the past. You might consider a password protected site for members that is not masked.

Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was in Kiev!! The Apartment was wonderful, and I couldn't ask for a better location :) I'll be back in Kiev on April, per my original Itinerary. I had such a good time with Lady ZOYA, I'd like to request her if she is available when I return. I will email you 1-day before my return to Kiev, to confirm everything :)

I just wanted to write you and thank you for helping me to arrange the meeting with GIA escort Inna on Friday night. I really appreciate your help and I apologize for all of the confusion about the location of my apartment. But everything worked out great once we met and Inna was everything that I expected and more. She is a very kind, intelligent, friendly, romantic, and passionate woman and I am very happy that I had an opportunity to meet her. I was totally satisfied with your service and felt safe and comfortable with the process. I am on my way back to the USA now but I will be returning soon and I certainly would like to utilize your services again and hopefully even meet with Inna again as I really enjoyed here company. I will also inform other members of my company about your excellent service so that they can also enjoy the benefit's when they are in Kiev. Please keep me informed of any special offers that you may be offering in the near future so that I can plan my next trip and please let Inna know that I enjoyed my evening with her tremendously and that I thank her for all of her kind and tender care while I was with her. Take care and have a very nice day. Sincerely,C.

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