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Kiev escort reviews 2012

Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed seeing Mila when I was in Kiev in late December and Bahzena in early January. They are wonderful ladies and I enjoyed their company very much. As always I am very happy with your ladies when Kiev.....hope I will be able to see them again on my next trip to Kiev in the future. Take care and talk to you later :-)

I was very happy with Ira last night. Thank you for your help setting this up! I will definitely be coming to Kiev again and setting something up in the near future.Thanks

I saw Polina Sunday and Monday morning, and would like to say it was one of my all time best experiences. Thanks so much. I'd appreciate it if you can pass it along to her that the California sailor can not get her out of his mind.  When I can get back to Kiev I will absolutely be calling back.

Hi,I met one of your girls (Alisa) a few weeks ago ( Friday May 4th at 9am) and was very pleased with the service (She was excellent company and very enjoyable).

I already met Anna three times in May. It was wonderfull, and so amazing. I appreciate her for a lot of reasons. She is very elegant, nice, funny, kindly, and so beautifull.
I know, it is maybe too early to make reservation for july but I really want to meet her once again, and I really want to see her at my same place. If you can help me and make this reservation I really appreciate it. I also met Natasha and Sonia (in March) it was also amazing but I prefer Anna )))))))))))) Thanks a lot. Best Regards.

The name of the girl was Lena. It was in April I booked her from GIA-escort. The reason she refuse to have sex was because she said she was tired and not in mood to have sex. And the reason why I didn't call to GIA, was because I do not like to force any one to have sex... So even I had called you and you were able to convince her to do her "job", she had already destroy my mood to have sex with her.. Besides, she was cute and nice to talk with (except that she refuse to have sex). So I decided to let it be and did not call back to you on that day. In other word, it was ok that time. But I will appreciate if this will not happen again. And the reason why I mention this now is because I will visit Kiev again on July and I wish to use GIA again, because I had only good experiences on GIA-escort, except for this girl. And I wish to ensure that the next girl I book from GIA will have mood to have sex. Thank you!
Manager answer: I understand about which "Lena" you are talking about... She indeed worked for us for some time but we fired her because of bad feedbacks. It is a pity you didn't tell me this at that time :( Be sure you'll have a 15% discount for the next lady you will be taking from us!

I spent a very good night with Olga, she is a so amazing girl, and so sweet and very clever, I really appreciate her. Thanks for your help.

I am back home! :-(  But wanted to write you tell you I had a wonderful time in Kiev again with two of your ladies!  While I was disappointed that I was not able to see Mila again; I had a great time with both Nika and Ksensia!  Both were great to be with and I had a very good time! Unfortunately, it will be at least 5 months before I will be able to return to Kiev; I look forward to that day and to seeing one or more of your ladies again! Take care and I am glad GIA is there!  D! ;-)

The meeting this afternoon with Ruslana was very nice. She was charming and very lovely. Everything was done professionally, but with a personal and considerate touch that I appreciated. It would be a great pleasure to meet with Ruslana again when I return to Kiev. Also, please feel free to use the following in the reviews of your agency:
"In the first part of September 2012 I spent an afternoon ( 4 hours) with Ruslana from GiA. As this was my first time using a service of this sort I didn't know what to expect but Ruslana was very lovely, patient and enthusiastic. I look forward to returning to Kiev in the future."

My  trip  is  finish  and  I  only  want to say to you and your agency thanks. The girls that I met where fantastic, simpatics , femenines, elegants a gift from god...specially Elena I don't have words now for describe how beautiful is she but I will find it in the silence of remembers. Francisco

Hi "Gia"! First of all: thanks for flexibility this evening! My plane was delayed and you gave me the chance to change my pre booking. Prefessional service. Well done! Lada came on time and she is really beautifull girl. But... She is not really comfortable to provide all services, which you advertise in her case... Like BJob without condom, 69... Therefore, I have send her home even sooner, than after hour... I admit, I might not be the most beautifull man on the panet with my early 40 age and  100 kg... But still - all your girls, which I have been booking before, were from "performance" perspective visibly better... In other words - a bit dissapointing experience. It has not ruined my perception of your agency and I will call again, like I did perhaps 20 times already, but just wanted to let you know. This girl, as much as she is reall beauty, is perhaps not building the best name for you...At least not in my eyes...

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