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Reviews about GiA agency 2011

I had a lovely day yesterday with Gia lady Polina. Thank you very much. Next time I would like to have POLINA for 10 hours! I hope she will remember me when you ask her. I would really like to come back and see her again. Please tell my regards to her. Let me know soon if she will be available so I can buy my flights and come back to Kiev! I'm very happy with your services! I hope that you can arrange Polina for me so I can be using your services many times. Kind Regards, J.R.

Hi! Today I ordered a girl from '' agency and I got completely not what I wanted. another girl came, much worse than in the picture! The manager promised that the photos on the website were real but it is complete scam! the girl was fat and old.. I'm really afraid to be an impotent man after such 'vip girls'! :( on 'ladieskiev' and '' websites by the way I have found information that you were working with this agency. In the past I have used your services and this is why this case with fat ugly girl from '' is very surprising for me! how can you explain it?? Will you give me discounts in future for this disappointment? Regrds, M.
GIA answer: Dear M! Yes, there are some dishonest escort companies that pretend to be GIA and use our name on their website. But I assure you that we DON'T WORK with LADIESKIEV and never did. If they are using our name it means we are more professional, otherwise they wouldn't do it. We are sorry about this case and your disappointment. Please call us and we will arrange about the discount for you. Please note that these are our websites:

I am back home :-( but wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed my time in Kiev with your lovely GiA escort ladies! :-)  I look forward to my next return to Kiev and your wonderful ladies! D :-)

Thanks! Had a great time with Milina on Wednesday. She is very nice and funny young lady, very easy to spend a day with her! Hope to visit again soon.. L.

Dear Gia Manager,
This mail to now thank you very much for your service, even with these last minute changes, you were there to support me and I'm very grateful to you for that As about the meeting that I had with your girls. I have nothing to say regarding Lesia. But regarding Sasha, she is really an amazing and beautiful girl; I have really enjoyed every minutes, even every seconds that I passed in this hotel room with her. I have never met any girls so tender, so cuddly, so lovely...!!! Her firm shaped and nice body could drive any men on this hearth completely insane. She is simply a goddess!!! I will definitely come back to meet her again and again. I just hope that she will still be available. Can I ask you to have the possibility to be with her during a full week in July. I could spend my holidays in Crimea in that case. Of course she will have to be agree with this idea as well! May I ask you a favor (the last one I promise :) )? Could you please make sure that she will got this message above translated into her language. I guess that if she would like to reply to me, she will have to pass by you. Many thanks again. Best regards, C. 

Anna is a sweet,sweet pill to cure any big or small uncomfortable situation in any body's life .If I could I would give he a high degree in medicine for achievements in driving man's mind and body  to right direction. Next morning felt like being in fairytale Besides sex   just looking in opened ,naive eyes and talk to perfectly built creature of mother nature keeps you flying high all time she is around. ANT

Thank you for your assistance; arranging the place to stay, the transportation, and the girls. I will probably be back in September and I will contact you for another appointment. I really enjoyed my time with Sonia. Could you please pass on to her that I enjoyed being with her and would like to see her again, if she is agreeable.
Regina did not really do it for me, but that's okay. Again, thank you for your assistance. Ed

Why is Yana the girl of the day? she is the worst Gia girl ever! i can go back 4-5 years on this, and nobody was worse than her. not the best business decision to keep her and definitely a bad idea to maker her girl of the day.
I did want to add that my brother had very good comments on
Polina. beautiful, very personable, not a clock watcher, still kept it to the hour (slightly over).  he will be in Kyiv this thursday night and already told me that he would like to see her again.  if she works on thursday night, please reserver her for him.  we sound similar, so when he calls you'll likely recognize the voice.

Just wanted to tell you that I had a great time with Zlata! A lovely lady. Hopefully, I will be able to see Maria or Ira before I leave Kiev.  Will call you when I will be able to. Thanks again....D.

Hi Gia! I have met Yana yesterday and truly speaking was doubting because I had read this negative feedback on her. Hopefully everything was fine! she is a very pleasant lady, who cares and tries to satisfy in the best way. I think that feedback is a mistake. Or the stars gone the wrong way that night :) Yours, M.

I've  just  had  a wonderful 2 hours with Olga, the girl of my dreams! She is so beautiful and very friendly. She made me feel relaxed straight away and she made it easy to have nice conversation with her. She did everything she could to make sure I enjoyed my time. So, thankyou Olga and to Gia escorts, you can add me to your list of Very satisfied customers. Dave from UK.

I wont to thank You for a splendid vacation. Veronika was fantastic and with conversation some more than "basic English"! Nika too, but unfortunately she doesn't speak English at all, whilst in Your site she's is under "Good English": I understand that, for sex, conversation is not important, generally, but not for me. Let me joke: after three days of Veronika I was no more so "charged"! During the first 6 hours Veronika played the role of interpret, but after .... By chance I can cook and we were not obliged
to go out. I wont to tell You one thing more, just to improve your jet good service. The apartment is not that (#5) displayed in Your site: photos do not correspond and entrance, it is located so as it is difficult for me (I'm injured to my legs) to go out by walking. I felt myself quite prisoner: by chance there was Veronika with their taxi calls, very efficient. Imagine that taxi driver, as well as the driver You sent me to airport, were often obliged to turn two three times before finding the small street. Anyway, I'm satisfied of Your support and i loved girls very much: thanks on my behalf to Veronika, who's so sweet not only sexy. Thanks to Nika too, even if I couldn't communicate with her. Regards.

I had the best time with Tina.  We had lunch at a very pleasant restaurant which had delicious food and then we walked in a park talking.  Then we returned to the apartment and had wonderfully exciting sex.  She is a sexual rock star!!!  Please pass on to her that I really enjoyed our time together and will want to see her again when I return.

Hi!  Just  a quick thank you for the excellent service that I received from  Olga on Fri night.I will return to Kiev in a few days and hope to make a few more bookings. Cheers,Chris

Dear GIA managers, thank you for the simply unforgettable and exciting time I spent with TINA. She looks like a movie star with the most beautiful eyes and face like a fairy!! She is most seductive and has the sexiest body...In bed she is a pure sex bomb and fulfills every desire!! Like somebody else said it here...she is a sexual rock star! But she is also really great company and very smart...she can talk about any subject in very good English and she dresses very attractive and elegant in style...! So I am definitely cannot wait to see her again when I am in Kiev!!  I.

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time with Mila! She is a very sweet girl and I appreciate you recommending her. Hopefully, I will be able to see her when I return to Kiev. Thanks again and take care...Donald! :-)

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