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High class companion Eva and her interesting experience

  My dear visitors and curious people, I am glad that you are looking through my web page and are passionate and eager to know more about my job and my sensual services. My name is Eva, I'm high class companion and here I will tell you about one of my numerous meeting with passionate and hot costumers. Thus his name was Kam and we've met in Kiev. Our meeting was booked for three hours. Well, I can say that three hours at times is not enough to fulfill all the desires that you have, but some males just want to relax and forget about their daily stress and worries. That is why they usually book girls for 1-2-3 hours only.

  But let's go back to my meeting with Ram. I received a call saying that I have a meeting. I should say that very often there are some new men and costumers who want to try the Ukraine escort service for the first time looking for something new and trying to improve their sexual skills and experience. That was the case with Ram. But at times we also deal with our regular clients who just like this or that girl and get used to her sensual and erotic services, because they cannot find something better!

high class companion

  As for me I like new clients, because it is always a good chance to find out something new and test my own sexual skills. So I did my best to look just like a queen of passion and desire, I should say that I even did not wear any underwear, only very open dress, stockings and high heels, that's all! Sometime, men like to see underwear, but they get so hot, when they understand that there is nothing on me, expect of this thin and very erotic and seductive dress.

  I was in the best mood and looking forward my future delight and introduction with a great male, who is eager to try different poses and kinds of sex. I ring his door and when he opened it and let me inside his own apartment, I admitted that it was quite luxurious and stylish. Besides, it was a nice men, and I just felt a lot of passion going from him. I am sure he was ready to tear my dress apart and start having the wildest sex ever. Well, it was not far from the truth! And I cannot say that we delayed such a practice for a long time.

  Thus we had a brief conversation on some general themes and topics, and meanwhile we had a glass of red wine, so we were ready to head to the bedroom. But it didn't happen, because we had sex on the floor, right on the center of his living room. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences I've ever had with my clients, and I can say that he wasn't studying something from me. On the contrary, I was learning new tricks and small intricate details from Ram! Unforgettable story, is not it?



unbelievable story

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