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This tale look so sexy... a very amazing story

  Every girl has a secret fantasy, the one she cherishes for long time before it comes true. I had my deepest imagination turned out to be a hot reality not so long ago. Want me to tell? Sure I will!

  What I longed for was the sex with a complete stranger. A man I don't even know the name of. Someone who I'd give my body to, and someone who'd gladly take it, staying the stranger till the end. And after what we won't meet again. You might only guess how happy I was when my agent told me what there's a male waiting for me to come to a date today, but he wants to remain unnamed. I know what my fantasy is going to come true that night, and I was so happy with this.

  So, I dressed as classy as I only could - a beautiful dress with luxurious lingerie underneath. My lips were red and my hair was undone, lying beautifully on my shoulders. I tried to look so sexy as it was possible, and it worked out. Of course I prefer our date place to be a hotel, 'cause hotels are so mysterious and sexy, but the flat of my costumer was also ok. When I got into this flat, I liked the design and I knew I'd like the owner. And I was right. My client was very charming, sexy, totally seductive with his dark hair and hazel eyes I could gladly drown in.

  We had two hours and to be honest I told him about my little fantasy. I wanted this night to become the one I would not forget in my whole life, and my client helped me in reaching goal. He blindfolded my eyes and seduced me in a sweet, tempting and lusting way. I was really curious about how sex would be if the prelude feels so good, and my waiting was not vain. When my male got inside me, he was really strong and tender, all in one, driving me crazy with everything he did. I knew he is trying to impress me, but he didn't have to - I was impressed by the very first second I was with him. But he did a lot more than just turning my fantasy to become a reality - he made sweet and passionate love to me. It was unforgettable and unremarkable sex I could only dream about.

  I am Ukrainian girl who knew and loved many men through her life, but that client made me feel really special. It was me who he worried about, not him. He did sex for my pleasure, so I did all I could do to please him, and give him the real paradise of Ukrainian girl's loving.

  When I left him, I knew that I am going to remember it night. I am glad to work as Ukraine escort if this makes me meet different men - and rarely even the very special ones like my client that night.


Kiev girl

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