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Sexual adventures in sauna with swimming pool

  Sauna with swimming pool! 4 hours with new costumer! No wonder we were so happy. Escorts Kiev like when things happen so quick and unpredictable for us. We like when new people come into their lives to make us laugh harder, feel stronger and be happier. Each new costumer is experience, most of the times - positive experience. And we love making them happy by showing how we love one another and how we physically like each other. So when men happen to order our show and ask us to come to their place, we're happily run there to satisfy their dear clients. Some clients say that we're most life-loving girls they ever met. And why shouldn't we love life, if we have so many brilliant men around us?

  So we met Mark and he was already waiting to us in the sauna. We were deep intoone another  as usual, and haven't noticed Marc first, but then he drew our attention and we couldn't take ours eyes off him. We wanted to play with him and do him their kitten at the night. Luckily we had 4 hours of crazy sex ahead, so we didn't have to rush. Marc asked us to show him how we court each other, and we decided to dance, slowly taking the clothes off and kiss one another It was beautiful. With every kiss their desire grew so much stronger, and we became so ready to Mark having both of us. Sometimes men order our appearance at their party and make it like two men and two of us, but to be honest their favorite type of sex is when only male takes both of us and does us his slaves of love.

  The same thing happened to Mark. We knew he wouldn't share, he had both of us just for himself, so first he made only of us scream from pleasure with his lips and fingers, and then tried to do the same at the second one. Then we decided to unite and make him scream And we did it! We really made him moan Can we skip this moment and don't tell you what we did for that? Just believe us - it was very, VERY pleasurable

  We and Marc, we were incredibly close. We did fun for these 4 hours, had nearly all types of sex, he made both of us come countless times, we made him come, and we were so happy together - three of us were really enjoying what happened that night. We did fun in the pool of sauna, in the steam cab, and what we wanted was this 4 hours to never end. He fed us with fruit's; we drank champagne and then licked it from each other's faces and bodies

  That was the night we're not going to forget. And we're looking to the male who can make their impressions even cooler! Maybe it is you, our new client?


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