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It was like visit a birthday party

  I really do prefer eastern men and they love me. In my opinion, only eastern men can appreciate the real beauty of a mature woman. And as long as I AM mature woman, I prefer the ones who fond of me the way I am and like what I am doing in bed with them.

  Don't get me wrong, I prefer all the types of men. But the client I'm going to tell you about is the eastern male, so I just had to find the line to start this whole review with :)

  As my agent called me not so long ago I was going to visit a birthday party. Nothing special, just a party at my best girlfriend's house. I promised her I'd come, but my plans messed up a little, as agency told me that there's a male waiting for me. To be honest, I never cancel dates with my men, even the late-coming ones, but this time I really wanted to go to my friend's birthday. I asked if my cavalier wouldn't mind me getting late for an hour - he wanted to see me in the evening, and I could visit both places in one evening if I had an extra-hour. Luckily my client was in very good mood, so I had his permission to come later in an hour.

  But from the very start of party I felt as if I am missing something. I should be in some other place I was sure. So I said I'm sorry to a friend and then left to see John - my client. And luckily for me again he was at home. Yes, we were together not in the hotel suite, but in his flat on Hrinchenko's street. I'm actually in love with hotels, but when you work as escort, it's so hard to stand them all the time, so I was really happy to visit the cozy and warm place owned by John.

  John liked me and I saw it in his eyes. We only had one hour, and then he had to leave in business, so we couldn't spend more time together. So no talking - I was there to make love to John, and we made it real good. He was passionate and wild, he showed me the real power of eastern men and I felt as if a little girl being hunted by the big tiger. When we had sex, I was on the cloud number nine and wanted this to last. I asked John to continue our date as I wanted to stay with him for a bit longer, but business is business. He kissed me countless times and said those sweet little words every woman wants to hear. What's even more important, John promised me that when he's done with business we will meet again. So now I'm waiting, and while I am free - I'd like to find out, can I meet someone as passionate as my accidental lover and someone who will make me feel like a natural woman again? If that's you - let's see what is going to work out!


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