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So wonderful trip to Montenegro with my favorite client

  As I told on my profile, I prefer older men, but I met the man of my age who became my favorite client. It's a long story about someone who wanted me so much, that took me to vacation he couldn't afford because of his work intensity level. Here's how it went.

  Klaus was from Germany and he was a son of rich parents, nevertheless he wanted to make money on his own so he started working at 18 and never finished making it to the top. Now he was working every day, without days off, and as he had to travel to Kiev, he always called my agency and asked to a beautiful girl. No any specific - just a beautiful girl who is free and willing to make his day better. Every girl from our agency knew about Kllaus, and some were happy to meet him, but to be honest, I had no interest in this guy, as I knew he wasn't my type by the age. But when my agent called me and told what Claus wishes to have me on his trip to Montenegro, and it was me specifically, I was surprised and interested. To be honest, I still don't know why he chose me - he didn't answer this question, so it still remains our secret.

  I couldn't go with him. He asked to what when it was too late - I had meetings of each of three days he asked me to spend being his escort, and couldn't cancel them. I value my clients the same way to each, and can't cancel meet with only of the date with other. But suddenly Kllaus told me to change the date for the one what suited me perfectly. I was shocked, but chose the date. After meeting in the airport I found out, what Claus cancelled few meetings to take me away on the days I chose. That was the most sudden and surprising thing anyone ever did to me.

  When we travelled to Montenegro, I offered Kllaus the possibility to enjoy me the way he want - he was the one to decide what holidays he wants to have. He preferred romantic one - I knew Kllaus would choose playing like we're dating, and I liked that. I didn't go to a date for long, so it was nice to have different suites (by the way, mine was bigger and more beautiful than the one Klaus had for himself), meet in the hall in the morning and go somewhere. Klaus brought me flowers every morning, and we had sex on the second night only, so it was a bit new for me. He played love well, I could believe it. And as I seen, he had a great satisfaction of this romantic mood I gave to him.

  We fell in love a little on this trip, and when I got back I knew that Klaus will be my favorite client from now on.


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