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As all say - make an impression and he will be yours!

  Some people say I'm too young to work in escort, but to be honest this is just what I love doing. So in some years I still see myself bringing pleasure to men I'm lucky to meet Just like I did that sunny day John asked me to come to his Hyatt suite to three hours. I wanted to see my new client very much, because I have ones who see me always they come to Kiev, and I prefer meeting someone new from time to time. No wonder I was highly happy to come to Hyatt and see Jon, who had business in Kiev and wanted to do his night even brighter by asking me to join him.

  Kiev escorts like to make an impression, so I never come to my clients not in my best mood and not dressed as the model. I am a model actually, and my friend jokes what camera loves me, but men love me more. And I was sure Jon will be one of those men. And I will be true fan of his :) To be honest, that's how it really happened.

  When I walked into the suite, Jon gallantly helped me to walk in and take my coat off. All day long it was sunny, and in the evening it rained cats and dogs, so I wore my coat and a very short dress underneath it. So when Jon took off the coat, he was surprised by the shortness of my dress, and tried to catch my butt and squeeze it. I liked the feeling, so next thing I did was catching his lower lip and biting it. We were intimate to each other from the first second of our acquaintance! So should I say more about what we did to each other later? It was total madness - from the very first kiss I knew I wouldn't want to quit this, but luckily we had three hours and no doubt we were not wasting them.

  John turned me fantasy to become the happy reality - I dreamt about having sex nearly under rain. He had a balcony in his Hyatt suite, so we just went there and while the rain was pouring, we made love to each other. I had no doubts while telling this fantasy to him, and he made me sure what I delivered it to the right man. John was very strong and tender at the same period, he was teasing me all the time making me really beg for more, and I begged - I made him feel like he was my king just at the night.

  Sometimes even three hours are not enough to do the night really perfect. The real perfection would be reachable if he could stay with me for the whole night, or maybe even for 24 hours.

  I have some fantasies left by the way. Too bad me and John couldn't make all of them real, but who knows, maybe my future clients will solve this puzzle and make me really happy because of my work?


luxurious brown-eyed girl

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