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Before having sex it is so good to drink some expensive liquor

  I have never had sex in the office. And not so long ago I met the opportunity to have it. And it was kind of surprising. Let me tell you this story, promise you won't get bored.

  It's common that men are welcoming us, their Ukraine escort service guests, in hotels or rented flats. I know about 90% of men I am meeting are hard-working and they barely find period to organize our meetings, but I have never met the man as busy as Rory before. Rory was an Englishman, and he worked at one of Ukrainian big firms as a lawyer. He gets big money at his job, but he literally lives on his working place. I found out each single thing about him from the Rorry himself, because I was too surprised when the place he asked me to come turned out to be his office, so I started asking him immediately about his life. He did not hesitate to tell me, so in fifteen minutes I already knew the story of Rorry's life and why he asked an escort girl to satisfy him in his office. He really had a couch there, so we decided to use it for sex, and it turned me on, like.. really turned me on. But before having sex on this couch we had a possibility to share a drink together. Rorry also had champagne in his cabinet and he shared the fact what he tries to always keep some drinks in his office and drink them when he has an opportunity. Today was the special day, so he took out very expensive champagne and we drank it for some period. Then we moved to a couch with bottle, keeping on drinking tasty champagne and starting make love to each other. We had two hours - Rorry couldn't afford himself more, but it was not about the money - he had plenty of it. It was about the time, he couldn't make more time for me to stay.

  But suddenly, two hours were enough. In the end of our time I felt like tension is growing in Rory, so I offered him a calming and relaxing massage before I go away. He said no, but then he decided to say yes, and I stayed for extra 15 minutes to give him a massage. It was very modest, I did not want to turn him on, but in the end I realized that Rory fell asleep. Poor man, he did not get a proper sleep according to his work, so he used every opportunity to relax and have some rest. I didn't know what to do - I didn't want to wake him up, but I had to leave, and I couldn't leave without saying goodbye. So in the end I decided to leave him a note, telling that he should take care of himself and have more sleep. And you know what? He already booked two hours of my time next week, so I'm seeing Rory again!


charming lady from Kiev

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