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Escort girls from agency always remember their sex with first client

  Being a newbie to escort is always hard. But I had teachers to show me how to behave with costumers- my colleagues, escort girls from agency. When I waited for my prime client to come, they cheered me up and taught me everything an escort girl should know. So when Jeremy was ready to come and offer me a perfect night together and a chance to become a real maintenance girl and not a wannabe no more, I was ready to give him the best I knew.

  Suddenly my agent told me about Jerremy was asking me to wear the certain clothes he was sending me. It was one of the first times when client indeed used the “dress size” section of our site. So I got the perfect clothes shaped just to me and I really liked it. It was blue and matched the necklace I wore to it. So we were ready to meet in his hotel room, then go to have a dinner somewhere. I knew about Jerremy didn't know much of Kiev and what I was the one to show him where are we preparing to have a dinner, but still I couldn't find out where to go. I didn't know such moment that the problem is going to be solved in a few minutes.

  When me and Jeremy met and talked to each other, we knew what we're not going anywhere. Not going to have a dinner outside the room. Still Jeremie felt hungry so we called the delivery service of hotel restaurant and asked to send us some food and champagne. I stayed in my clothes so we could eat something, not get into bed from the very first minute. And there it was, the question that I waited for so long - is he really going to be my first costumer? I knew - agent told him about it, and I wasn't really surprised that the reason Jerremy wanted to take me for a night in his room just because I was newbie to this business.

  So I told him what yes, I am really a newbie and he is my opening client. Jerremy connected that fact to my age and suddenly got very horny. I wanted to ask him why he sent me such blue dress, but I didn't have time for it - he just took me and carried to the bed, where we spent some great hours. Three hours in his king-sized bed and two outside it's borders - it was brilliant. An hour after incredible sex was dedicated to talking of my profession and trying to convince me to leave it. I knew about costumers love these talks, but Jeremy wasn't insistive, so we switched the topic very fast. After everything Jeremy told me to leave this dress to myself as a present, and it was a very nice one. I will save this blue dress to remember him as my first client - my start in being an escort girl.


beautiful pussycat from Kiev

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