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Slender body and professionalism have emancipated my shy client...

  Have you ever met a girl who's bashful and working in Ukraine escort? Well, if you haven't, then let's get to know each other - my name is Albina, and I am shy, though I work as an escort and love my work. I am combining two different people in my slender body - the bashful girl who always feels like it's her first date with a male, and a courtesan, who prefers dancing to her costumers and making them go mad about her. I prefer absolutely everything about my work and love when it's easy to catch the feeling of one Albina transforming slowly into other. And sometimes I greet men who allow me to feel this transformation clearly as never. Antonyo was one of them.

  When I was preparing to our meeting with Antonio, I got really shy. I knew we only had 1 hour and I was afraid of not making this hour the most exciting happening in his Kiev life. He asked me to come to his Kiev flat, just in the city centre, so I was all dressed up knocking on his door and waiting to him to let me in. My shyness flew away from the moment I saw what Antonio was nervous just the same as me. HE was really shy, and to make him feel more comfortable, I knew I was going to seduce him. So I offered him to see what I like to show men - my dancing. Antonyo didn't mind, so he turned on the music for me, and I slowly danced to him, while taking off my clothes and teasing my costumer for that night. I knew he want me, so my dance wasn't meant to last long - he started to kiss me before the song ended. And then crazy things happened - I knew I was not a shy girl no more, but the experienced seducer, the one who makes the male burn just from one touch.

  I enjoyed intimate with Antonyo, though it was too short - I would make this whole thing last a little longer. He was enjoying me, playing with me, and he was young and passionate. I love men of all ages, but when I happen to meet a young male as my costumer, I know we're going to have really rough intimate. This time it wasn't like that, but Antonio was more passionate than my usual clients. And that's why I totally enjoyed our sex from the first moment to the last. When you see the desire in your client's eyes, and you know for sure he's not just into sex, but into sex with you, you know what everything is going to be gorgeous, and that's how it was. I wanted to try different types of sex with Antonio, but our time ended and I had to leave.

  To all our clients: if you see the girl desiring you so much, don't hesitate to make your meeting longer! Give yourself time to see her becoming a tigress in your arms!


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