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Holiday season is over and it is opening new doors for us...

  When the travelling and holiday season is over, and cold dark autumn is raging in Kiev, I love working  here. Yes, I really love working because maybe I am lucky, but nearly every one of my clients is heart-warming and mood-raising. So each time my agent calls me and says someone chose me to make his evening rater, I get happy. That means my evening shall get incredibly better too. That's far much better than reading which in fact is my favorite thing to do.

  My last client was by chance the most mature one of those I met till this day. David was 44, and to be honest, I was worried to some degree of not having even a chance to make an impression. What's special about mature men is about they have so many girls to compare me to, and sometimes this comparing isn't an honor to me. So as I thought, Devid will be so experienced and self-confident, and what frightened me a bit. But when I knocked on the door of the flat he rented, my doubts flew away - I just wanted to see my client and try to impress him with how I look, how I move and how I make love to him.

  David didn't disappoint me even a single bit. He was all charismatic and beautiful, and very very gallant - he gave me champagne and talked to me for half an hour to know who I am. He said me about this is his way to satisfy his women - to know them better before taking them to bed. That was the reason why he chose the time of three hours - it's not happening often when clients ask the new girls to join them. Devid said about he can't imagine himself spending less than three hours with the new girl - he should know her better to offer the sex she won't be able to forget.

  Sadly these words didn't cheer me up, because I knew for sure now what Devid is experienced and mature in the sexual way. So I tried to say what to him And made him laugh unstoppably, he literally couldn't stop laughing. He told me, what comparing is for someone who is newbie to sex, and men who are experienced are not comparing their women - they are enjoying them. I really appreciated those words, cause they were the ones who made me feel comfortable at such very moment. And of course, directly to the way as we planned to move things, we were in bed, enjoying each other, and Devid showed me the whole new way of pleasing in sex, and it was the experience I will never forget. He didn't tell me a single thing which would be pissing off for me. I enjoyed him and I would be so glad to repeat it. So Davidd, Emma is waiting to see you again!


loves sex so much

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