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Beautiful and passionate sex with Andy - it was perfect!

  It happens rarely because our clients ask for something more than just sex with Escort Kiev Girls. Most of them just want to have some great and fun time with beautiful and easy-going girl, and they know about having intimacy with one of us is easier than finding someone to have relationship with. We give clients the best feelings they appreciate and search to - like relaxing, having fun and wasting the period with the most possible satisfaction. But sometimes they want some more - like extreme sex and getting to the new edges of pleasure. I am already used to my special clients, and I have to say sometimes they bring us extra pleasure. Like it was this period, when I met Andy.

  Anndy came here from Berlin, he loved Kiev and he liked Kiev ladies. Well, he had no need to connect the agency - with his look he could easily get any lady in any club. But he had no time to romances, so that's why he preferred staying healthy and feeling secure with women of our agency. Some girls told about he was already close with nearly each one of us, some keep silence near him, but I met him at the first time and I was not surprised when I saw beautiful and sporty man in front of me - he was looking just the way ladies told me. For a moment I felt happy because he chose me - I was sure we're going to have a crazy three hours together.

  He asked me - what I love and prefer in intimacy, and told me about himself, then he was smoking for a while, and after what he made his proposition. Andy asked me to have a sex on the roof of hotel. I wasn't sure, because I doubted about administration of hotel would let us do this, but he told me what he is going to deal with everything, and all that's left to me is to say yes and make love to him on the hotel roof. I looked into his eyes and I realized of if I say yes, he will really handle everything, every problem what can be on the way of him getting the satisfaction he desires to get.

  So I thought at a minute, and Andy was cheering me up all the time, saying to say yes, and he was all smily, kind and beautiful I thought that if I say no, our meeting could possibly come to it's end, so I said yes, but I was a bit frightened. I told it to Andy and he told me - I shouldn't be. So he left me in our room and went to have a talk with administration. He came back in 10 minutes, shining and took me to the roof. And we had sex there, beautiful and passionate, to a whole hour. And you know what? I wasn't even at a second sorry to choose giving my client what he wanted. That's what escort females are about!


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