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It was really nice sex vacation in Egypt...

I couldn't fully enjoy sunny September in Kiev, because I was asked to go abroad to sex tour again. Travelling in autumn is fun, and I wanted to go, so I said yes without even knowing who is asking me out. It didn't matter - I simply wanted to make a beautiful sex vacation to one of my clients and have a rest to myself. The fact that we are going to Egypt made my mood more better - I've been there, so I knew of such country, and if my client wasn't in the mood to show me the points of interest, I would survive it and have fun in the hotel or on the beach.

The saddest fact was what I had to fly to Egypt alone. I don't like travelling alone, when I have to get up in the air, but I could do nothing with it. But when my flight was over, Terry met me in the airport with flowers. We met in Kiev several times, he chose me to be his first escort girl - absolutely suddenly even for himself. And he was glad because this happened, because, as he told me, this choice was one of his smartest, and he didn't even thought of it while making it. So he decided to take me to sex tour to Egypt.

We were having fun from the first day to the last. You know this feeling, when you sense relaxed and calm with the person next to you, and you don't want to act like somebody or do the things you usually do to people around you. You just want to stay true to yourself and someone who is with you and act the most natural way you're able to. So I was natural with Terry, I really felt like I could be myself. We had so much pleasure walking around the beach, going for a walks through the city, swimming and talking to each other. We mostly communicated about some abstract life things, and he said nothing about his personal life. I respected his right to keep silence and never asked. I wanted to make him sense secure with me, so if it meant to never ask him about something personal, I would do that.

But in the end, just having intimacy and having fun made me sense comfortable, and I guess Terry felt really good about that too. I didn't want to make him sense like any other girl, so I tried my best just to let honest emotions flow, and it made our vacation brilliant. This was a great lesson for me - sometimes our work is to just be good to our clients and make them feel special with listening and hearing them, talking to them and making love to them. That made me love my job even more, and I am 100% sure we will meet again with Terry - maybe in Kiev, and maybe out on sex vacation for one more time.


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