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My the best trip to Turkey. I want to tell you about it...

  Doesn't matter if you believe in miracles or not - they're always up to happen to you. I'm travel kiev escort -  not a very young girl who believes in magic, but sometimes things in life assure me what magic really happens to each one of us. My not so long ago trip to Turkey made me believe what some good things are able to change your life without you even waiting for them. Wanna know, how it happened? I'm about to tell you.

  I'm not really in love with summertime, but i like to travel. I don't like the hot air all day and all night long, I can't stand the heat, so I'm trying to work really little during the summer months. But as some clients ask me to meet them, I can't resist - and when it comes to regular clients, resisting becomes absolutely impossible. As I thought of vacation what could help me relax, I didn't for a minute think of going to some hot country, but as my regular client Johan called the agency and told them he is willing to take me to the Dominicana, I couldn't say no. Well, this summertime was not one of the best, but I hoped to spend some time with Johann whom I knew to be absolutely optimistic person.

  But I wasn't even waiting for what Johan gave me. It was the perfect holiday from the first day to the last during our travel. Johann was very tired from work, so we started with few days of just enjoying doing nothing and sunbathing, swimming in the pool. As it came to walking to the beach, we decided not to do it and to stay by the hotel in order not to move too much. It was all because of our tiredness and willingness to relax to the maximum. But when we relaxed, Johan started to take me anywhere he could - as he told me, to make my impressions of this tour even brighter. We went to the beaches, we went to each single club where we danced and had some good time, and after that we started our excursions. The most beautiful and fairy-tale part about the whole trip was the moment when Johann took me to teach how to dive. I always dreamt about trying diving, but was too afraid to do that, because deep inside I have a great fear of deep and dark water. But with Johan we dived together and it was fantastic. We seen the bottom and the beautiful aquatic world, and it was the greatest thing that I've ever seen.

  With Johann I found out that hot weather may be pretty cool - for example, when you're about to tan with someone who rubs your back with tasty-smelling lotion, and the summer may be really awesome. I loved spending time with him and now I even miss summer in some way.


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