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One of My Meetings - story of Kiev escort lady Anna

 Here I want to share with you one story and my experience of being a call girl. But first of all, I want to introduce myself, so my name is Anna and I work as GIA escort in Kiev, I definitely do like my work and I enjoy spending time with many different men. I can tell you that this is my perfect and ideal job, and I am doing this for quite a long time. But now I want to tell you more about one of my meetings.

 Usually, I receive many calls and orders from men, so I can say that I am experienced and popular female. Now wonders, because I do all my best to improve my sexual skills and I try to learn as more as possible in everything that concerns sexual pleasure and the ways how to provide my clients with the best pleasure possible. So closer to the point, I received a call from one of new clients, and I've never seen him before. I did my best to be beautiful and attractive for him, I worn the sexiest dress that I have, wearing a very alluring red underwear, and I was ready to head to my meeting.

 The driver picked me up and I went to the restaurants, which was one of the most fashionable in this city. I cannot say that I was surprised, because I had many meetings like that during my work as elite prostitute. We had a very nice dinner with Rocky, have different conversations on various topics, were laughing and enjoying our time, after that my client wanted to go for a work and have a bit of romance. So it was raining outside and we were acting like students or teenagers.

 No need to say that we felt very passionate and hot about each other, so we started to kiss right on the street and we cannot wait until we will be in his hotel room to enjoy ourselves all night long. And we really did this, we tried everything we could with Rocky and we didn't want to stop having sex till the morning, we were exhausted but satisfied fully. I do like our job and I like having sex with different men even at once, so for me every meeting like that with my clients is just like the last in my life.

 This is why I do my best and spend all of my power, fantasy and creativity to fulfill all desires of my partner or partners. And I can say that all of them are happy and satisfied, maybe this is what helps me to be one of the best out there. And as one of the best model I all the time practice my sexual and intimate skills to make all of my clients stay happy and fulfilled after each meeting with me. I give all I have to them and I receive the greatest sensual pleasure instead! This is who we are - UA girls!


Elite prostitute Anna

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