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Few Hours in Hayat Hotel with my client Ram

 Hello, all the visitors of this interesting and very sensual web page, I am glad to share with you one of my stories concerning my everyday work as GIA XXX escort, and I will be happy if it will bring your fun and joy. Who knows, maybe next time this story will be about you! So, let me introduce myself, I am Polina! And here I want to tell you about one of my evening spent in the company of interesting and hot man Ram, who was my client.

 So it was a lonely and quite a gloomy evening, I was a bit tired and frustrated from my daily worries and usual life hassle, but only a thought about the time of my work could make me feel better. Yes, I really do like to be an escort, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because I receive the greatest pleasure being with different men and making them feel satisfied. That is what makes me feel happy and wanted! All my thoughts were around my work, and finally there was a call from my future client. I have some regular clients and I like to meet with them often, but it is such a pleasure to discover something new, some new horizons in sex with a new men.

 And luckily, this guy was a new client for me! The only thing I knew about him, when heading to my meeting with him, was his name - Ram. He was waiting for me in the hotel Hayat and he wanted to spend a few hours in my company, discovering every corner of my body. Well, he did succeed in this, but I will tell you about this later! First, I must say that I liked this hotel, which seemed to me a place for the most outstanding people.

 I entered the hall of  luxurious and excellent Kiev Hayat Hotel and was waiting and wondering, who is going to meet me. Of course, it is always nice to have sex with attractive men, but you know, at times, even the most mediocre guy can be a real sex giant in bed. You never know! So I was standing and waiting, and then unexpectedly Ram touched my hand and lead me directly inside his bedroom, he worn the mask and it definitely added piquancy and spices in this sensual and erotic adventure.

 I must admit that he was one of the most passionate, but at the same time tender and caring lover. At times, our clients prefer to think only about their pleasure, but this time I've met a really ideal lover. So I didn't even notice how this couple of hours passed. We did almost everything what is allowed between two people - man and woman, including traditional sex, testing different unusual poses, oral sex, which he liked very much. I am sure that it was the greatest sexual experience for both of us!


 Ukrainian woman from GIA


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