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Veronika - We recommended!!!


Veronika from Kiev is our very young Kiev escort. She looks like a tender spring flower, very sweet. But still she loves sex and she loves spending time with men. Absolutely flawless girl - the one that everyone would fall in love easily. Veronika will make your nights hotter!

According to the policy of our agency, the exchanging of contact information between escort and client is prohibited. If a client asks the model for a phone number, he will be blacklisted!.

You need to fill in a password to see unretouched pictures and the girl’s face. The password can be given to you by our manager by email or phone.
Age 24
Eyes gray
Hair light brown
Height 170
Weight 50
Breasts 90 (C)
Breasts Implants
Waist 60
Hip 90
Shoe size 37
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 21
Zodiaс Leo
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Roses
Alcohol White Wine, Dry Wine
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport yes
English Perfect
Service for men


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob depends on person
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Deep Throat Yes
Massage Yes


Domination Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
G-rain give Yes +50$
Video shooting Yes +500$
30 min :170 $4830 UAH146
1 hour :250 $7103 UAH214
2 hours :350 $9944 UAH300
3 hours :450 $12785 UAH386
4 hours :550 $15626 UAH472
6 hours :700 $19887 UAH600
10 hours :1000 $28410 UAH858
1 day :1200 $34092 UAH1029
2 days :1800 $51138 UAH1544
3 days :2400 $68184 UAH2059
4 days :3000 $85230 UAH2573
5 days :3500 $99435 UAH3002
6 days :3900 $110799 UAH3345
7 days :4300 $122163 UAH3688
Sam 06.09.2020

What is possible with slave service? Is chocking possible?

Answer: Only slight dominance. Spanking, tying hands, Suffocation is absolutely impossible

Bob 04.07.2020

I thought that I know all about pleasure before I met Veronika...I was wrong.She give me the most incredible orgasm in my life.Bro, her blowjob skills is incredible!!!

Gregory 14.03.2018

Veronica was amazing...i love her look and her style and loved the way she played in bed. A lady of high class and yet very sexy and passionate. Cant wait till i meet her again.

gary emanuel 21.01.2018

You are right Mike.I do travel to Sevastopol about every 2 months,because the girls there are way nicer and more loving than the girls i met in Kiev.And yes they do pick you up.The last time i was there,a very nice girl,23 picked me up in a cafe,and we rented a penthouse suite in the city of Sevastopol for 2 weeks.To Gia Agency.I have experienced more of a real woman and an honest one the further south i go in Ukraine.I am a very nice,very easy going guy and i have the utmost respect for woman.But the woman in Kiev are not as nice.They are seeking to marry for money.In Sevastopol,they are seeking to marry for love.They are very loving and very nice to be with.In Kiev not so much.

Kyle 18.11.2017

Hi does Veronica have her own strapon?

Answer: no, unfortunately she doesn't. You can bring your own to play with her! 

Tony 16.10.2017

I would like to say that she is absolutely beautiful, I would never think she is THAT beautiful judging only by pictures, so I'm quite lucky to meet her. Definitely 10 out of 10. She is so friendly and kind, as well as wild and sexy in the bedroom - just the mix that is pleasing for EVERY man. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and treats you like she knows you for a long time, so definitely GFE and a good level one. I absolutely enjoyed every second of our time together. She is so sexy, so adorable, so lovely. I am sure i will see her again and again and again. Thank you Veronika. Lots of Love

Pashka 07.12.2016

Is she available for attending swimming pool party with me? I also want some dress up/uniform,toys and erotic massage from this temptress.

Answer: Yes, possible.

Alex 07.08.2016

Hello, does she have any tattoos? Where?

Answer: She doesn't have any tattoos.

Comment that Mike said. 20.07.2016

You are so very right Mike about USA girls compared to Ukraine girls.I agree with you 100%.I also fly to Ukraine about once a month,but usually wind up in Sevastopol and Odessa.What i really love about Ukraine girls,is that alot of them pick up the guys and are not shy.On my last visit,a girl asked if i wanted to sit with her for lunch.Than she booked a very large flat for the both of us for 2 weeks,and stayed with me 24 hours a day for 2 weeks.It really felt good from both our hearts that we were falling in love with each other in about 7 days.Girls here play games,but in Ukraine they never have with me.They also do not play games like they do here.It was sex the first night and we both felt we had been together on only dates in just the first night.I have never been or paid a girl for sex,because i feel that i am using them.But i will try it.Gia girls are very beautiful.I will always treat a girl like a queen,but i will never use them .

Mike 11.02.2016

This is a very hot girl! She is so hot! She looks like a supermodel! You know what's funny?? I just read blog in USA about guys complaining about GIA's "high prices". In my opinion GIA prices are TOO LOW. Especially for USA clients! Escorts at GIA are top quality. It is almost impossible to find quality like this model in the USA anymore! Most escorts in USA are complete trash. 90% are covered in tattoos. Tattoos all over her body. It look so disgusting! Now compare to GIA girls. Look at all the beautiful white European GIA women with NO TATTOOS. Just soft, beautiful, feminine skin! No Graffiti on body! I challenge you to find this in USA today. Almost impossible. You have to search through THOUSANDS of escort profiles just to find ONE girl who look like GIA model, then hope she is not police or scam. USA escorts always lie their ages and use fake photos. The will say they are 18,19 years old. And in reality they are 35 years old and delusional. Because USA media culture brainwashes these women into thinking they look 18 years old at age 35! Yes it's true! They say things like “40 is the new 20!”. Ha. Ha. Ha. This is the only website/agency where I see honesty. If you want exact same quality as GIA models in USA - it will cost you $500-$1000.00+/hr. minimum today. Especially in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami etc. You will have to search very long and hard. USA is so "politically correct" the escort websites refuse to use detailed search functions with age/tattoos/race/services etc. like GIA does - because they do not want to "discriminate”. So you do not even know the services before girl shows up at you're door! Then she shows up and is old looking, has tattoos, fake photos, or standing at door with black pimp both demanding that you pay even if they lie in advertisement. Boycott USA. There is NO QUALITY in USA anymore. By quality I mean young, white, thin, curves, bare skin - no tattoos, no black pimps, real photos, honest and direct about services, articulate, etc. You will have to search through hundreds or even thousands of escorts online in USA and it will cost you minimum of $500-$10000+ hr. Or you have to fly to Las Vegas and still - you run risk of pimp, fake photo, old women, tattoos, police, etc. And - if you're arrested in USA - it will cost $10,000 for attorney - loss of job and reputation. So I think $200 per hour is huge bargain! especially for these beautiful perfect ladies! You would have to be millionaire in USA for girlfriend like this. So pay for millionaire - quality or stay in USA to choose from escorts covered in tattoos and risk all of the above. Good luck!


The best girl I've met from the this agency. The nicest and the kindest one. I have some difficulties with having sex due to my age, and we had a huge age gap with Veronika, but she behaved like she was in love with me. It's the most pleasant thing that ever happened to me. This girl is smart and she has a heart of gold, she never mentioned that she's not happy with me, never shown some disrespect. Veronika is the best gift you can give yourself, don't deny the pleasure.

Dave 28.09.2015

I love thin girls very much and Veronika matched my description so well. I asked an operator to send me a girl who will be slim and more of a natural beauty. Veronika was just what I was looking for. She's good in sex, confident in what she's doing and what she is doing it for, she's good looking and really slim. Her clothing style matches her age, a little more elegant, but still casual and simple, still clean. I loved everything about her and I will be returning to her.


GOOD girl! )))))

Peter 30.04.2015

I also met Veronika last week and I think Robert is not telling truth... She is sincere, light-hearted, kind and very client-oriented. She may not be professional (in my humble opinion), but she's still really good at doing her thing. I guess that's a made-up story.

Frankie 29.04.2015

I can't believe that robert's review was about the Veronika I know... She's my all-time favorite among all the escorts from UKRAINE I've tried and she is definitely the most polite and the most professional I've ever taken. She was never even rude to me in one word, and I can't quite imagine the situation you described. How can this be possible? Are you sure this was Veronika? Maybe you did harm to her and then wanted her to be polite with you? I just can't believe it's true. She's a pro in all the ways possible.

robert 26.04.2015

I met Veronika last night. it is true she has an amazing body but it was a disappointing and frustrating experience: - she arrived 1 hour later - she refused to kiss - she refused to have sex a second time even i paid for 2 hours Most probably if you are lucky and she is in a good mood the experience would be better but at least for me, next time i will look for a girl able to provide a true GFE. good luck!

Jim 10.01.2015

Veronika is sweet and super sexy. The best women you could possibly hope. Full of emotion and with a killer body. She's simply the best ! ! ! Don't waste time, meet her.

Monk 01.09.2014

She's very fragile and really small, like a little bird. You feel like you can crash her if you're not tender enough with this girlie. But still she is really beautiful and passionate in sex. If you love fragile ladies and those who look really thin, Veronika will be the one you need to book to have a greatest night in your life. She does not have greatest techniques ever, but she's really emotional and good.

Uncle 25.07.2014

I like her so much! She's more of a lady for me!

David 17.05.2014

I saw Veronika and I asked her to bring her sexy suit as it was mentioned in description :) Seems to me she forgot about suit, but when she came into my room I forgot about it myself. Because well, she was so slim, tender and very-very fragile that I wanted to hug and kiss her. She looks like a girl you can easily fall in love with, she is very young, but still in sex she behaves like she loves her partner. Colossal. Liked it a lot.

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