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I am sexy Ukrainian escort model. Visit me in Kiev and enjoy being completely immersed in some hours of sexual, intimacy pampering. You can be a tourist or re a local guy.

According to the policy of our agency, the exchanging of contact information between escort and client is prohibited. If a client asks the model for a phone number, he will be blacklisted!.

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 27
Eyes gray
Hair black
Height 175
Weight 58
Breasts 87
Waist 62
Hip 90
Shoe size 38
Dress size 36
Pussy Shape 0
Zodiaс Aquarius
Smoker Yes
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport no


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob with condom
Cumshot on body, on face
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


Anal Yes +130$
Lesbi Yes +75$
Couples Yes +50%
G-rain give Yes +50$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
1 hr: 250$ 150$
2 hrs: 350$ 250$
3 hrs: 450$ 350$
4 hrs: 550$ 450$
6 hrs: 700$ 600$
10 hrs: 1000$ 900$
1 day: 1200$ 1100$
2 days: 1800$ 1700$
3 days: 2400$ 2300$
4 days: 3000$ 2900$

*Offer till 25.02.2016
+pay taxi

Solid 24.01.2016

I had a hard-on right before she arrived. She came wearing sunglasses(in winter no less) and a coat that covered her body. To add insult to injury when she removed her coat, it was very obvious she was heavy-set. And then she removed her sunglasses, very old looking. Not even 30. Saying she is 30 is a lie. She is closer to 40 than 30. Don't use.

Shawn 22.04.2015

Dean has probably dreamed the whole thing:) I have met Angelika many times and my experience has been the exact opposite. "Cold and not interested"!! Seriously? If she were any hotter she would burn my flat down!

Auth 22.04.2015

I agree with Dean. I have also met with her and she is for sure older than 25!! properly 30. I notes that Shawn also do not deny these facts

John 02.04.2015

I disagree completely with you Dean. Angelika is a beautiful and sexy lady! I think you have some issues with yourself to be honest...

Dean 01.04.2015

Disappointed! The word I will say if I have to judge Jasmine. First at all she is much older than 25, I will guess that she is at least 30 years old - at least she look like that and the skin feels like that. The photos are for sure her but the photos have a lot of Photoshop and in real life is looks old. She is very professional which means she is cold and seems not interested in giving a good experience. I were sending her home before time. I cannot recommend.

Tom 28.03.2015

Now I know that Kiev is really the city of the most beautiful girls! I've met this red-headed beauty and I couldn't resist spending whole night with her, though I only booked her for two hours. Magical luck - she was free that night and manager allowed me to pay and stay for a night with her. We had dinner together, we walked like a couple (which made me proud - walking with a model like that! each man was envying me for sure ;)), and of course we had sex! Angelika told me that she loves this work and you can tell it by her attitude. She's absolutely free to do whatever she wants and whatever pleases her, but she manages to make it comfortable and pleasing for both partners. When it comes to sex... I haven't met someone as fiercy and sexy as this beautiful lady. She was my discover this year and I wish for an opportunity to meet this absolutely stunning lady again. She's the best and it's undisputable.

anonymous 05.06.2014

does she do really blow job only with condom or she is ok to do without?


-------------------------- Admin: Angelika can perform blowjob without condom, but it always stays up to her to decide.

Shawn 27.11.2013

I have been a client of GIA for more than three years now, and Angelika is definitely the best girl I have met through this agency. She is warm, charming and gorgeous,she is open to new experiences, and most importantly, she genuinely enjoys sex. She should be a porn star! I have met her a few times already, and I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to meet her again many times in the future.

Kris 17.11.2013

Angelika has tanned hot body, very slim and beautiful. Was afraid to get fake instead of her real photos, but no fake, she is really that hot. Very beautiful ass, she told me she's going to gym regularly, well, it can be seen easily. I asked her to wear dress and high heels, she followed my instructions and that made our sex feel even better. She didn't take high heels off during the whole process. Lady of my dreams! That's what I call the real escort girl. Will take her again many times, cause Angelika has everything I'm searching for in an escort lady.

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