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15% discount on 6 hours date

About girl service:

Please choose several girls from our website which fit your requirements. Please tell the names to our manager and we will make the reservation for you. We ask you to choose 3-4 girls and let us know in order of priority because we cannot give a 100% guarantee for any particular model's availability. Here the human factor may take the part - a girl may get sick, etc. On the other hand you'll have 3-4 girls in the booking and will definitely have one of them. You will meet with the girl 30 min before the beginning near the Opera House and will spend 2.5-3.5 hours enjoying opera. Afterwards you will go to your apartment in Kiev and will spend the evening one on one with the girl (2 hours approximately).

About Opera:

At the centre of Kyiv, where two large metropolitan highways Volodymyrska street and Bogdan Khmmelnytsky street are crossed, just in the middle between golden-domed St.Sophia Cathedral and the classical structure of the National University named after Taras Shevchenko, there is a building, which was poetically named as a temple of muses, an architectural pearl of Kiev. It is the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko. Usually day performances start at 12 noon, evening - at 7 pm. You need to book 'Visiting Opera' via e-mail beforehand so that we can reserve the tickets with good overview. Let us know which performance you are interested in. Please also inform us with the girls' names. Our manager will check the availability of the tickets and will let you know. Reserving of the tickets will be possible only after the prepayment. NOTE: besides visiting opera we can also arrange sightseeing of Kiev, visiting exhibitions, etc.

To make a reservation send details to our email.
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