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Zlata is one of hottest Kiev brunette models

Hey there, my name is Zlata, I'm from Kiev, and I am one of the Kiev brunette models from our perfect agency. I'd like to talk straight to you guys, to my future clients and to those who just think about possibly having sex with an escort lady now. I won't tell you something special about myself, no, you can find everything out when you're with me on our personal date. But I'd rather tell you about my life as an escort. This is really interesting. 

At first when I wanted to become an escort lady, I tried other escort agencies, but they never gave me the feeling of complete satisfaction. I never felt like I belonged to those ladies, I wanted something classier, some place where I could meet classy and interesting men. And then I finally got here and now I'm happy with this.

Here in this agency I can be one of the most beautiful and hot girls from Kiev. I often see many interesting men, they are really gallant and easy-going, they are sexy and they fire a spark of desire in me, so it's easy for me to work with them. Maybe sometimes I even want to have more work, because it's more than just interesting - meeting men from around the world and spending time with them.
I like it when men look at me and I see spark in their eyes. And I realize that this spark is there because of me. They want me. They want to have me, to spend time with me, and I give them this possibility.
I love evenings when the wine is flowing, when the mood is high and music is loud. I'm easily attracted by different men who know what they want and what they need. I give it to them. I'm the trained lover, so this is what I like to do and what I want to do professionally.

The only flaw I have is that I lack experience. I haven't worked for too long in my agency, and still there are things unknown to me in sex. Maybe this is the thing that frightens my clients - my age and that I don't have enough experience for them. But I have my will to change and to learn and I would like to meet experienced man who would teach me. Maybe it will be you? I would like to meet new men all the time and see what they can teach me. So in the end I would be the best lover in whole agency. I think it would be me who performs the hottest and the best sex you couldn't even dare to dream about. If you want to meet me now and try me while I'm still shy and unexperienced - don't keep me waiting, call and see me!

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