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Waited for something new and special? We are so very glad to tell you about our flashing site update. Now all the girls will not only have photos in their galleries, but also video  to see all of their divine beauty from all the possible sides.

Photos of each girl are completely and fully real and you could see it with your own eyes not for once if you ordered one of GIA's prostitutes for a sexual date. Tested and original photos always allowed you to choose the best lady just for you. But now the situation is far better - you can see a great lot, so it will be easier with choosing a lady for sex. But prepare: your eyes will hurt even more due to the great number of perfectly beautiful bodies on our site :)

All of the pictures belonging to GIA girls are truly unique and each one is tested to be true and up to date. We value our reputation among clients highly and won't let it be spoiled. You can surf the web space on your own just to find reviews on gia-escort agency, and all of them - be sure of it - will be absolutely positive. Each one of gentlemen who tried GIA elite sex services just once wait's for only one thing: for the weekend to begin! Because after hard working week he can call us and get the highest satisfaction of spending time with posh woman.

Video of Kiev escorts always shows more than photos only. Yes, of course we heard about video editing, and we are sure that you did heard about that too. But why do we need it? We just want to help you witness the real beauty and sexuality of Kiev's escorts. And we know that Youtube videos are highly popular nowadays. That's why the idea of shooting videos and adding them to photos of our elegant prostitutes appeared in our minds.

Do you like the routine? We are more than sure that your answer will be “no”. This is what makes us go ahead all the time and move towards perfection, reaching the maximum satisfaction of our clients' needs. We will tell you a little secret. When we wanted to make this innovation, we received one review from our client and this was what made us to finally settle this decision. Here's a little excerpt from his comment: “Everything is absolutely perfect. I have just one more wish. I know that you're a magician's, aren't you? :) Can you add small videos of escort Kiev girls or video greetings of your ladies to their pages? This will make us know girl a little better even before meeting her in person for the very first time. I can help you with that by the way! I will get free from my work sooner to come to your place for a few hours and shoot your beauty goddesses on the tape ” 

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