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Sex party in Kiev - with GIA ladies

Our courtesans are often asked out to corporate parties of different organizations. And that's quite understandable - who would not want to make his happening even better with extraordinary and luxurious girls who can entertain guests on and after a sex-party So not so long ago one of the meetings was held, and we want to tell you, our dear visitors, about it. Our girls became a real decoration of the evening which was held by men's sex club in Kiev. Of course, it would be a lot more boring if our entertainers wouldn't light up that whole night.

Of course they could just go there and entertain men who were invited, but that's not a perfect variant for our escort females. When GIA workers found out that they were invited to a party like this, they were getting ready for it and they were busy for a long time. Who would have known how everything will go in the end?

When the right moment on a private sex party in Kiev came, two of GIA-models appeared in beautiful costumes, made exactly for latina show dancing. No one could imagine, but for club clients those chicks just made a special entertaining block - really hot dancing with elements of private dancing! You should have seen the eyes of gentlemen when they watched how those beauties moved - each one of them was already thinking about how to spend the rest of the night with one of our ladies. And they can't be judged for that - it's hard to think of anything else when it comes to females of GIA agency. Posh beauties were dancing and then joined the men to spend the rest of the night together.

But that's not it! Five of our models were invited to a club as escorts to men who chose them. You should have seen eyes of those who watched them - they were so full of envy! And those lucky ones who came with our callgirls were happy as never - they had SUCH girls on their side, beautiful and elegant, the ones men can only dream of.

Party became the one to remember - with lots of entertaining stuff, beautiful clients and even more beautiful women, great music and happy faces all around! And if someone wants himself a party like this, he can always get it - all you need to do is to call GIA agency and order our pretty babies!

Bob 15.10.2013

В самую точку! С появлением эскорт агентств в Киеве - стало куда проще заказывать девушек. Посмотрел фото или видео - заказал. Удобно. Но не всегда фото оправдывают реальный образ Хотя вспоминая молодость - заказывал проституток наугад. Если повезет красивая, если нет - значит так тому и быть, принимай какую прислали

Alex 08.06.2013

недоволен девушкой под именем Мила... на фото гораздо симпатичнее...да и услуги делает не первоклассные. Рекомендую Юлию!намного приятнее девушка во всех отношениях!!!

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