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How to have an orgasm girl for real?

  If you're living in Ukraine, you're a lady and you never had your orgasm and don't really know how to get it - you're not alone. Nearly 30% of Ukrainian women still don't know how to get to the highest point in bed. Quite impressive, huh? Now you're sitting and thinking - are these ladies really frigid (calm and even sometimes cold and negative about sex)? And the answer is - sometimes yes. Some of these women grow totally negative about having sex, because they don't really enjoy the process. But the fact is, the number of really frigid women is not more than 10% of all - the rest can be sorted as imaginary or temporary frigid. These women may really enjoy the sex and think they're having orgasms, but deep inside they realize that what they feel is called the other way. So what is the main reason for them not to experience orgasm? How to have an orgasm for rael?

  The first and the main factor is men. They're passive, rude and indelicate and this lies as the first reason of girl's dissatisfaction in sex. Imagine the lady getting dressed in the special intimate play costume and getting the room ready for sex with candles and stuff. And when her man sees it, he just laughs. He has fun and girl is humiliated. Who would like this at all? These moments have the great impression to sex life of woman.

reason of girl's dissatisfaction

  Girlfriends are able to spoil a lot, too. When they're telling that sex is dirty and rude and there's nothing good about it, this imprints in your memory and leaves a mark that can be hard to erase. So when you're making love, your mind will be busy with thinking about things your friend told you. That will spoil your orgasm.

  If you've been raped or hurt during sex, that can mean a lot also - but that can be fixed with the help of psychiatrist, and if you're feeling the pain during sex you should consider visiting a doctor and checking for infections.

  Solving of this problem is easy. Masturbate, find the way of loving you enjoy the most, train your vaginal muscles, relax them and then suddenly try to tight them again for 15 seconds or more - be sure, the orgasm will be great both for you and your partner.

  We wish you the best orgasms possible!

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