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How to get the brightest water sex

Sex in the water is an exciting process that will add more spice bringing diversity and passion for making love. Naughty and sexy girls from agency escort in Ukraine are the best companions for water entertainment. Water will allow you to relax, even get more excited due to the pleasant temperature, and also create additional stimulation.

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Sex toys and lubricants for a better experience

In our time there are a large number of sex toys that can be used during lovemaking in the water. These products include the ones that do not require batteries, as well as various waterproof vibrators. Toys will add eroticism to the process and allow the couple to enjoy each other even more.

During sexual intercourse in water, natural lubricant quickly washed off. Partners need to take care of additional lube in order not to experience discomfort. This applies not only to the use of sex toys but also classic penetration. In this situation, silicone-based lubricants are perfect. They do not dissolve in water and provide a long and comfortable glide. Such tools are often not compatible with delicate materials of intimate toys, so it is better for them to use lubricants with a water-silicone (hybrid) base.

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How to get a more diverse feeling of sex in the shower?

A sexual act in the shower is very pleasant. In addition to the basic sensations that partners receive from sexual intercourse, they can also create additional water stimulation. The streams intensively affect the erogenous zones of the partners, and also pleasantly tickle their bodies. Many couples also prefer to use their favorite items from the intimate collection in the shower.

There is a fairly large selection of sex toys for use in the shower. These include butt plugs, erection rings, dildos, and other non-vibrating products. The exceptions are toys from Cyberskin. Their delicate, porous texture is not intended for use in such wet conditions. As for devices with vibration, they can also be often used in water, but ensure that the case is waterproof. Such information is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions for use.

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What is needed for cool sex in the bath?

Taking a hot bath is perhaps one of the favorite activities of people they like as much as good sex. And perhaps everyone who has tried at least once likes to combine two such pleasant activities.

You can easily create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom: light scented candles, use foam and make a surrounding not only intimate but also relaxing.

Sex toys for the bathroom are no different from those used in the shower. Waterproof devices can be completely immersed in water without fear.

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