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GiA provides safe sex with the most clean prostitutes

  Safe sex is even more important nowadays than it was before. Now you really have to think twice before having sex with a woman you met at the club or in restaurant. The same talk is about escort agencies - how can you be sure about the ladies are clean and healthy, if they work with men everytime? Only GIA provides you the best service ever and the possibility to meet the most clean prostitutes and have hot, horny tremendous sex with them. And we will explain why.

safe sex

  Each of our females are really interested in meeting different men for sex. GIA doesn't operate with those who become courtesans to earn for living - we work with ladies who can't live without this work. But to offer clients a possibility of not being worried at all, we test them all the time. Every female meets doctor to make sure she's fully clean and ready to operate. And it happens everytime - they regularly go to medical tests and check themselves, and we have all needed documents to prove about every female is tested and the results are best possible. We keep in mind what costumers might want a girl's health certificate, so we try to provide them on demand. You can be fully sure about one thing - we would not give you a girl that is able to ruin reputation (and our reputation is nearly brilliant), so anyone of them is healthy and really clean.

  More with this, ladies, who operate in GIA, always look, taste and smell good. If you had bad experience with prostitute from other agency, you can easily be sure what this won't happen with us. Our models are not only attractive - they treat themselves like queens waiting to their kings. And this king is definitely you - the one who will order model for few hours, or even at few days. We work with women to teach them how to look their best and satisfy men with not only their bed behavior, but the way they look and smell also. Every courtesan is always clean and beautiful. No overweight, no depilation problems and no problems with looks at all - you will always be satisfied with how your model looks like. Also we try to find different girls at our agency to satisfy each of men's needs.

  So let's sum it up. If you choose GIA's model to escort you, you will stay satisfied because:

  • They are really beautiful, and we try to add real life photos to each profile so you can be sure about without professional cameras they look even better;
  • They are 100% clean - each one of call-girls have her health certificate, and we renew it everytime by testing them at the doctor's;
  • They do not meet men everytime - so they're not tired of costumers.

  You will be satisfied with ladies from GIA!

Clubber 15.10.2013

Я в Эгоисте люблю скоротать вечерок. Нигде из стрип клубов не был больше, да и собственно нет особого желания. Мне и там довольно комфортно - девчонки приветливые, обслуживание приятное, стриптизерши как на подбор. Некоторых из ваших джиа-эскортесс там тоже часто очень вижу))

saxo club israel 26.09.2013

need agent for booking girls dancers for strip club in israel - not sex i m now in Kiev for meeting Chiko

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