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Fast Heat and Jelly Sex Toys

There is always a desire to use the warmest things in the winter time. This also applies to sex toys. Cold products can cause some discomfort during use. A toy with a low temperature may preventing pleasure focusing being a source of inconvenience. Cold dildos, vibrators, and other products hinder the achievement of orgasm thus negating good sex experience.

Nevertheless, sex toys that quickly heat up are actually not so few. First of all, those that include the function of heating. Also, waterproof products or materials that easily take on temperature are well suited for rapid heating. Kiev escort girls have various types of sex toys, therefore, the best suitable for your needs should be made clear while making an order.

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Heated Sex Toys

Products that include the function of heating are worth paying special attention. Heated toys are made from materials that do not harm human’s health. They can be in the form of dildos, where the tip or body is heated, as well as in the form of accessories with a saline solution like a heating pad. The temperature of such products varies within 4 degrees but no more than from 38 to 42 degrees. Depending on the product, they heat up from a few minutes to half an hour. Some of them include the indicator light for ease of use.    

Waterproof Toys

To warm up and relax in a warm bath is one of the favorite activities during the cold season. The waterproof toys have been invented to deliver even more pleasure during such procedures also to create additional water stimulation. Pamper yourself in a warm shower is a great alternative to a cold room. Sex toy quickly heats up due to warm water, it is only necessary to dip the vibrator into the water for a while. Such vibrators are quite multifunctional and are in great demand not only in cold season. Waterproof toys are made in various shapes, sizes and with various functional parts.

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Toys made from quickly heating materials

These products quickly take over the temperature. Being made of metal and glass they heat up as quickly as they cool down. Materials used are health friendly, hygienic and the most hypoallergenic, also not very demanding in the maintenance. It is possible to use such toys with any lubricants, both water-based and silicone. To heat the product, it is enough to lower it into the water of the required temperature for a short period of time. Hot water is not a reason of product deformation. Metal toys are most often made of aluminum or surgical steel, sometimes covered with silver or gold plating. Modern rapidly heating materials are used for manufacturing:

  • dildos;
  • erection rings,
  • prostate massagers,
  • butt plugs;
  • vaginal balls.     

Transparent pleasure: what are jelly sex toys?

Multicolored and at the same time transparent, bright, flexible and resilient, incredibly beautiful: the lovers of intimate things must have come across sex toys that look like sweet jelly candy. The name of these graceful transparent sex tricks appeared due to the visual association with the famous dessert. Indeed, beautiful and pleasant by touch material looks like a delicious jelly.

Jelly toys are made of polyvinyl chloride or silicone with the addition of softening agents. As a rule, it is a transparent elastic material that bends well. Toys from it are easy to use and don’t require complicated care.

Attractive and bright design of intimate toys made from the jelly material is a godsend for lovers of beautiful things. You can choose a toy of any color and texture. And thanks to the flexibility of intimate toys from this material, you can explore all the innermost points inside you or your partner bringing both aesthetic and physical pleasure while hot sex session. Just try a sexy jelly dessert that promises you a lot of bright visual and physical impressions!

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